Regulatory Agency Paper

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Regulatory Agency Paper
Lori Lewellen
HCS 430

Throughout this paper I will discuss and explain the application as well as how the Family and Medical Leave Act, which is also known as FMLA is implemented, as well as Worker’s Compensation Occupation and Safety and Health Act, which is also known as OSHA. I will also discuss the regulatory laws in which are implemented by organizations to make sure that these acts are adhered to and mandated while still providing employees with a working environment that is safe.
Most of all organizations and agencies are forced to make sure that all of the governmental along with all city laws, are implemented to protect employee safety, ...view middle of the document...

In order for the employee to take a leave, the employee must provide the proper documentation and file a request of leave form ("Encyclopedia of Everyday Law", 2011). When the employee returns from there leave, they are not guaranteed that they will be assigned to the same duties as they were prior to going on leave, however, they are guaranteed a job in which is at the similar level as they were and with the same level of responsibility ("Encyclopedia Of Everyday Law", 2011). Employers are not allowed to punish an employee for taking FMLA leave by firing them or demoting them due to taking the time off. Employers will have a right to know the specific reasons as to why the employee is requesting a leave and they also have the right to ask for proof from a physician ("Encyclopedia of Everyday Law", 2011). The employer usually will also require that the physician provide proof as to when the employee is able to return working and what duties they will be allowed to do as well.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act, also known as OSHA was created in the Department of Labor so that employees and employers would become encouraged to minimize the hazards within the workplace by developing new safety and health programs that would be implemented, or to improve the existing programs in which are already in place ("Occupational Safety and Health Administration ", 2010). The OSHA act will also provide occupational safety and health research in order to ways that are innovative to be able to deal with occupational safety and health problems. The OSHA act has established a dependent, but separate types of rights and responsibilities that will allow employees and their employers to achieve conditions that safer and healthier ("Occupational Safety and Health Administration ", 2010). OSHA act makes sure that all job related illnesses and injuries are kept recorded. OSHA also makes sure that it is mandatory that all employers provide job safety and health standards to their employees and that they are enforced and followed effectively by all employees. OSHA is an act in which continuously redefines and reviews the standards and specific practices, but for the most part the basic purposes will remain constant ("Occupational Safety And Health Administration ", 2010). OSHA makes it a point to fully mandate and firmly implement these regulations with as much fairness as there possibly can be. OSHA guarantees employees and their employers the right to be fully informed and to be able to actively participate should actions need to be appealed.
OSHA act applies to all employees and their employers that are within the 50 states of the US and any other territory in which is under the Federal Government jurisdiction ("Occupational Safety and Health Administration ",...

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