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The Journey is more important than the destination. To what extent do you agree to this statement?

Journeys are said to be the concrete representation of life. Journeys enable the traveler to experience challenges and obstacles allowing them to gain a better understanding about themselves and the world they live in. The importance of seeing change and progress within the persona through the challenges and obstacles they face, are far greater than the destination it does not challenge the traveler but simply shows the effect of it. This is reflected in ‘The Road Not Taken’ a poem written by Robert Frost, ‘Journey to the Interior’ and a poem written by the Margret Atwood. Although these ...view middle of the document...

The realization that once entering too far into the void, and ‘…knowing how way leads on to way…’ the desire to return and take the other road seems foolish but the persona ventures on. In the end, the sense of regret or possibly triumphant depends on the path taken as Frost quotes ‘Two Roads diverged into the wood…’. The repetition of this line brings back the reader to the beginning to where the persona’s journey began. ‘- I took the one less travelled by and that made all the difference’ suggests how this journey significantly changed his life and who they are. As the traveler explore life’s offers and face decisional challenges, it changed the life of the persona. This supports the significance of journeys overpowers the importance of the destination
Likewise, in the metaphysical poem ‘Journey to the interior’ by Margret Atwood takes the persona on journey of self discovery. Atwood exposes the complexity of the human mind and she does this by connecting the physical world and the intellectual world. The imagery connection between the environment and the mind are to represent and compare those of the nonobservant and those who are more aware. Through the eyes of the non-observant, the intellectual world is seen as two-dimensional as ‘the eye makes flat as wall’ and seemingly ‘welded together’ but those who are more aware, it will ‘open as I move to let me through’. Though keeping in mind that not everyone can embark on this journey unscratched as travelling and exploring the mind ‘is not the easy going’ and the dangers are not simply shown as a ‘dotted...

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