Relation Of Pulse Rate With Weight In Excercise

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Relation of Pulse Rate With Weight in Excercise

Setting The Scene.

Two people climbed a hill and when they got to the top one of them
said he was out of breath, and his heart was beating really fast.

The other one said it was because he was overweight.

Investigate the theory that when you exercise the more weight you
carry the more your pulse rate will increase.


I predict the harder someone exercises, the higher his or her
heart/pulse rate would be. The blood has to be pumped round the body
quicker by the heart. There are several reasons why this happens.
Before and during the early stages of exercise the sympathetic nervous ...view middle of the document...

Record this on some paper.

2. Get your stopwatch and time yourself doing the step-ups for 1
minute with no weight.

3. Record the result and keep it in a safe place.

4. Have a minute rest to get your pulse rate roughly back to its
resting rate.

5. Then carry on doing the same by adding 2kg packs of paper to your
bag for the following weights shown in the table below:

Mass Carried (kg).

Pulse Rate (beats/min) for experiment 1.

Pulse Rate (beats/min) for experiment 2.






6. Once you have done the test for those weights repeat it again so
that you can compare your results to check they are accurate.

7. Once you have done the experiment the 2nd time record your results
in a table that looks like the one I did above.

Fair Testing And Safety.

1. Wear trainers so that you don't hurt your ankles, do not wear

2. Do not run up and down the steps just take it at a nice steady

3. Each time you do the experiment make sure that you stick to using
the same 2kg packs of paper and the same bag to store it in.

4. Make sure all the equipment you use is the same when repeating the
experiment again.

5. Make sure you or your helper stops the stopwatch as soon as it
reaches 1 minute and make sure you count your pulse rate for 1 minute

6. Try and do the experiment in the same room and roughly the same
temperature because your results will be affected if there is a
drastic change in temperature.

I will now put the results from both times I did the experiment into a

Mass Carried (kg)

Pulse Rate for experiment 1. (Beats/min)

Pulse Rate for experiment 2. (Beats/min)
















As you can see I would say I have got quite accurate results because
the results are roughly the same.

I will now put both these sets of results into a graph to try and spot
any patterns.

As you can see from the graph I have produced it is now quite obvious
that the more weight you carry the higher your pulse rate will be when
you exercise.


As you can see from the graph my prediction was correct in that the
higher the mass carried the higher the pulse rate...

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