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Relations Between Humans And Nature Essay

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In Wendell Berry’s essay “Getting Along with Nature” he inquires toward what relationship exists between humankind and nature. He questions the morality of human actions toward nature. His argument starts with the basic premise that humans need nature but at the same time this dependence forces changes to nature. Berry discusses the difference between human beings and animals to clearly make the inference that humankind hold the ability to understand the destruction of environment. Unlike animals people can prevent the diminishment of nature. The reason this remains important deals with his first argument. Because of the fact that humans must coexist with nature it seems crucial that humans preserve nature. The industrial progress and economic growth contribute to damaging the relationship between humankind and nature. That they do not exist ...view middle of the document...

He feels that humans find truth in nature and cultural instruction. To lose respect for nature would completely obliterate of culture and goodness as we know it.
Anne Dillard takes a more abstract approach to discussing the relationship between humans and nature. Dillard makes an inquiry focused on the difference between animals and humans. She introduces a weasel and the recollection of the first she ever saw one. This sparks thoughts. She states how humans have the ability of choice while weasels live only on necessity. Her main argument comes from the idea of humans living like they were weasels. The idea comes to mind that humans should live less selfishly. They should follow a life based on necessity. In a sense the weasel becomes a model for humans. The weasel maintains purity because of this Dillard cannot fully embrace herself with the animal. This represents how humans coexist with nature but never totally combine the two. She ends her argument with a complex contradiction. By discusses the absolute perfection and beauty of the weasel she tries to convince the reader to act more on necessity. Right before her conclusion she describes a weasel gripped in the talons of a bird that then tears into its jugular creating a bloody mess. She creates this story in the context as if she were actually the weasel herself. Her argument ends speaking about the ambiguity of life. She comes to the realization that neither single option represents the best ideal, that some combination of necessity and choice will allow humans to coexist with nature.
Although the two essays use radically different paths they share a common thesis. Both discuss the relationship between people and nature. Dillard and Berry show a huge amount of awe and respect for nature. Their common understanding deals with the coexistence. Humans and nature exist separately but at the same time humans must find a balance between the nature and their modern lives.

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