Relationship Between Earth, Son And Moon

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Relationship between Earth, Sun and Moon
The universe goes on and on forever and ever and there’s no point trying to understand and know everything about it. However something inside the universe we should all understand is the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon.
The first thing to know is the orbiting habits. The Earth orbits around the Sun in an elliptical fashion. This orbit takes 365 days (one year). As the Earth orbits the sun it also spins on its axis which is why we experience day and night. At the same time the Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon is orbiting Earth in the exact same way except it takes the Moon 28 days to complete one full rotation and to also orbit the earth.
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Nevertheless it’s not just the Sun that’s important, without the Moon the angle of the Earth’s axis would be changing rapidly, violently and in unpredictable ways. This would cause changes in our seasons, weather and day length. The Moon’s importance doesn’t stop there either it is also essential because of the tides. The tides are caused by the gravitational pull between the Sun, Moon and Earth. And lastly there’s the obvious reason of the Moon being a source of light in the night (haha that rhymed). Except even though the moon looks lit up in the night sky it does not actually emit light it just reflects light from the Sun. You might have pondered why some nights you can see half the moon and sometimes you see no Moon at all. The different phases of the moon are caused as it orbits around earth. The phases of the moon work in a cycle starting with a new moon.

Another crucial thing to apprehend about the Earth is why different regions experience dissimilar seasons. For instance have you ever sat and watched American television on Christmas day and wondered why they are having fun and playing in the snow whilst you’re baking under the hot sun. And have you ever pondered why Libya only experiences two seasons. An explanation for this is the 23 degree angle the earth's axis sits on. As the Earth orbits around the sun different regions of the world tilt closer or further away from the sun because of this axis. Because the equator is central between the North and South Pole all countries surrounding it only experience one season.
Hopefully your knowledge on the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon has been extended.

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