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Relationship Between Men And Women In Pre 1914 Short Stories

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Relationship Between Men and Women in Pre 1914 Short Stories

For this prose study I will examine 3 short pre 1914 stories, the
stories I will comment on about relationship will be 'Tony Kytes',
'Seeing a Beauty Queen Home' and 'News of the Engagement.' I will
first start with Tony Kytes.

In the story 'Tony Kytes', the relationship is very dramatic and
confusing, as Tony does not know what girl he wants to be with. He has
many life partners that consider him as loyal boyfriend and soon to be
a husband. The author seems to describe Tony Kytes as a popular young
man who is very passionate with girls, and can get their attention
when ever, where ...view middle of the document...

The three girls were hiding in the wagon, but

managed to trick all three of them having the intelligence and
knowledge of escaping from trouble. Girls these days wouldn't put up

with Tony acting like this. Back in those days all women would desire
is to be happily married with a wonderful family. This story revolves
around romance that influences many young ladies and a special man
that is attracted to all of them, but at the same time acting sneaky
and mysterious. All Tony desires is to get a bride that will treat him
with respect and honesty. He had first wished to marry Hannah and
regrets the fact that he had asked Milly to marry him "Why he had ever
said a word about marriage to Milly or Unity while Hannah Jolliver was
in question." Tony seems to adore Hannah more than Milly and Unity,
because she is much prettier than the other two. Tony and Hannah seem
to get close and attracted to each other in the wagon.

Almost a child who has no idea what to do in this story, Tony Kytes
struggles to think of a way to get around the situation. The story is
based around this one character; every other is a 'mere player' in it.

Not much can be said about each and every girl, since only a few words
describe each. This is why I describe them as a whole. They have all
fallen madly for Tony, what they don't know is that there are others
like them laying a few feet away whether it is under a sandbag or a

Tony can get along with any girl, the relationship between them are
very strong bonded that can never break up, very hard to pull away.
Their affection of love is greatly needed for each other. Some of the
girls may not do enough for Tony he was not fair to them after the
wagon incident. Milly, she was very kind and lovable, actually
agreeing to marry him, even though she was the last choice. This is
the best wife that Tony could ever find after being the type of man he
was, playing with women.

The reason why Tony went through finding woman and treating them like
toys was because he just wanted to find the right bride for himself
and that was Milly as she gave all her heart to him, knowing she can
live with this man for the rest of her life, while Hannah and Unity
didn't take any of the drama that was happening and walked away, with
disrespect, but were hoping Tony would repeat his question "will you
marry me" to them again. This story is very strange as women these
days would leave the man, giving a back hand slap across their face,
but these young ladies just accept what he has done, two walk away and
one decides to spend the rest of her life with him. This shows that
Milly is capable of trusting him again and make sure that he would not
repeat his mistake again.

When Hannah and Unity ask for a ride home with him, he seemed to have
no objection to it, even though...

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