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Relatively Speaking Essay

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Relatively Speaking Review
On the 27th August, I went to Wyndham’s theatre to see Relatively Speaking; it was directed by Lindsay Posner and performed by Kara Tointon, Felicity Kendall, Max Bennett and Jonathan Coy. It was set in the 1960’s and is based around two couples who are confused when Greg turns up unannounced at the Willows, not realising that the man who lives there is Ginny’s ex lover and not her father whom she said it was. It is situated throughout a summer weekend in Ginny’s bedroom and the patio of Sheila and Philip’s home. Before I saw the play, my expectations were that it would be quite comical but also slightly confusing due to the complications each character feels in ...view middle of the document...

The sets were designed very differently in terms of class and money. Ginny’s apartment was unorganised and filled with basic, plain furniture including an unmade bed with white sheets and duvet, a wooden table and chairs and an old bedside cabinet with an alarm clock and telephone. In comparison, Sheila and Peter’s house looked very classy and neat. The garden patio was the main set of the play and was beautifully designed with colourful flowers, trimmed hedges and general patio furniture. This shows the audience that Sheila and Peter are more organised as they are of a higher class. However, Ginny and Greg have a small, disorganized apartment which portrays that they are of a slightly lower class. This effect on the audience is that we get to understand the couples more by looking at the state of both sets before the characters came on stage and the class in which they stand in society.
The sound, designed by Matt McKenzie, was not as involved because it was purely just four characters acting with occasional noises to add tension and excitement to important lines. Despite this, it made the performance more effective as it gave the audience a chance to only focus on the actors instead of music or other sounds being played. By simple sounds only being played for key moments was very effective towards the performance of the actors because the sound was generally used for physicality or emotion in the action on stage at a particular time. This made it easier for the audience to understand why these moments were so important.
The lighting, designed by Howard Harrison was effective because excluding the first scene; the lighting stayed with light yellow and very bright colours focused on the stage. This was reflected in Sheila’s character as she had a happy and good feel attitude. Although the lighting was simple, it had a lot of effect as the first scene...

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