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Relevance Of Change To Large Scale Oraganisations

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Stephane Mathieu 12D Business Management

Criterion 1
Relevance of Change to Large Scale Organisations
To be competitive and ahead of the competition, Large Scale Organisations need to constantly change, to improve Revenue and Improve profit.

Explanation and Illustration of the dynamic sources of change.
Sources of Change
Internal Environment:
The Need for Innovation:
To be competitive in business, Large Scale organisations are expected to develop and apply new ideas. The ideas are needed to help innovate operations, product range and design and so on.

Staff Participation for organisational performance:
Organisations are improving and introducing organisational structures ...view middle of the document...

Employee Relations Framework:
Changes to the legal political conditions surrounding employee relations have brought the action to the organisation level. Changes in negotation processes and there are new wage trade offs.

Driving and Restraining forces the restrain Change:
Restraining forces are forces that can hold back change. These can be external elements, but they are mainly in the organisationals internal environment.
Restraining forces include:
=organisational inertia: a corporate culture in the organisation that does not allow change.
=organisational insecurity: A culture or groups in the organisation that has a fear of the uncertainty of change.
=Management procrastination:delayed decision making
=The financial costs of resourcing change:
-new equipment
-redundancy payments
-re-engineering operations
-retraining employees
-recruiting new staff
-re-engineering waste systems

The opposite of restraining forces are driving forces:
=An Organisational Change that expects and welcomes change
=A workforce that is willing to trust a change process and its leadership
=Positive and Capable Management
=Financial Reserves to resource a change Process

Criterion 2
An Eight Step model by John Kotter. This model encourages the idea of constant change, unlike Kurt Lewins three step model where change is frozen or 'static', which is undesirable by many organisations.

1. Create the urgency.
This can arise from a threat to potential opportunities that will make the business more competitive...

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