Relevance Of Creative Writing In Our Practical Life

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Well, one of the major reasons why I took the Creative Writing course was its realistic usage. To some it might seem to be a very monotonous and "hollow" subject, where there are neither the famous demand supply curves, nor any Pythagoras theorems. It might seem that we are not actually learning anything and just exercising previous knowledge in the class, but I don't share the same perspective. I believe creative writing is a step towards the internal development of students. It is the driving force behind many strong personalities and even dynamic ...view middle of the document...

"We aim to be world class retailers with market leading businesses that meet customers' needs by offering reliable and consistent value". This one sentence, known as a mission statement is one of the keys factors which led to the success of Kingfisher plc. What is so special about it? It is creativity and the writing expression! Firms market their product in various ways, through television, radio and newspaper ads. Hence without proper knowledge and use of language, individuals will be of no use to the firm. Even for the internal management, creative writing plays a vital role. Via extensive presentations and debates, students obtain a fair amount of exposure, so they feel absolutely confident and don't hesitate while facing a large audience. Therefore, it facilitates them, when they have to make actual presentations, for example product launch and marketing plan proposals. Secondly, wherever in the world we go, the writing expression will always play a key role in achieving success. Various implications include business letters, detailed memos, financial reports, marketing plans, and so on. And apart from all this, the essence of creativity is also required...


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518 words - 3 pages We do need pet in our life With the increase of life standard, an increasing of family choose to have a pet with them. However, the phenomenon also give rise to some controversy. The antagonistic opinion is hold by some people because they consider that pets must bring a big problem, such as additional expense, ailment and so forth. On the contrary, a large number of people agree that having a pet is such an

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2269 words - 10 pages Significant texts in any period arise from particular ways of thinking and possess an enduring relevance. The ‘After the Bomb’ period is one that encompassed significant shifts in the philosophical, religious, economic and scientific domains, and these pivotal changes in humanity are reflected in Cold War texts. Texts that are significant within the era are those that transcend the conceptual parameters of the society they were produced in

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585 words - 3 pages The Importance of Creative and Cultural Industries in Britain Today The creative and cultural industries play a huge part in the everyday life of British society. In London, there is a variety of creative industries ranging from musical theatre in the west end, to mime artists working on the streets. There is dance, plays and much more for an audience to choose. This can be considered important, as these industries

The Treatment Of Immigrants In Our Society

721 words - 3 pages search of a better quality of life, welcomed in to unfamiliar societies with racial abuse? There obviously must be something wrong or missing in our society for the nurturing system set up by our government to end in angered cases of violence and even murder. Can it be that the ongoing debate over the amount of immigrants and asylum-seekers allowed to inhabit Britain annually has been an easy attraction for public

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1704 words - 7 pages Sense of Belonging in Our Society   Fashion is one of those things that people can claim they don't care about. They can defend again and again that it doesn't matter what one wears, it's the person who wears it. But in all likelihood they will continue to be judged, as we all are, for the clothes on our body, the shoes on our feet and the hairstyle we are sporting.   In one journal entry I wrote, I brought to light

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1635 words - 7 pages facts, in brief, are as under. 3. The petitioner obtained loan form the Bank for installing a pumping set, but failed to repay it. In security of his loan, he had mortgaged agricultural land measuring about 10.06 acres situated at Village Roopnagar, Pargana and Tehsil Balrampur, District Gonda. Pursuant to the recovery proceedings for recovering a sum of Rs. 4178.05 from the petitioner, Sirdari Khata No. 151 comprising of 48 plots area 10.06

Construction Of The Hero In A Piece Of Writing

1826 words - 8 pages Construction of the Hero in a Piece of Writing The construction of the ‘Hero’ is one every writer should consider. The hero or protagonist is designed to keep the narrative moving and whose actions create progress for the plot (Morrow et al, 1997). Pearson (2001, p. 101) defines hero’s as “fearless protagonists who realise their own special power and go on to take great personal risks in order to change their reality. In day-to-day life

Impacts of Art in Life

1828 words - 8 pages toleration. Our community's social life literally becomes more civil. | |This is important both for the building of democracy and for resolving conflict, because such values as trust and tolerance are | |important for both. No one has put this better than former President William Clinton in his 1994 speech to the United Nations | |General Assembly

Alice Walker "In Search Of Our Mother's Gardens"

772 words - 4 pages Reaction Essay - Alice Walker "In Search of Our Mother's Gardens"If we apply the principle of creative suffering to Walker's paraphrase, may the sadness caused by the loss of the young women actually heighten potential? In what sense does art exist because of slavery and patriarchy, not just in spite of them as Walker would have us believe? Clearly, the positive outcomes of suffering do not make the infliction of suffering acceptable. The quilt

An Essay On The Effect Of Education In Our Socicety

729 words - 3 pages America bestows upon her citizens. Anyone who lives here, without prejudice, has the right to pursue an education in any field and to any level they wish. A solid, basic education, followed by a specific, career orientated, college education, is the cornerstone of the American way of life; the first major step toward achieving the American dream.An example of this is the way technology is advancing in our everyday life. Computers have become as

Cosmetic War: the Influence of Cosmetic Advertising in Our Society

1695 words - 7 pages Cosmetic War: 
The Influence of Cosmetic Advertising in our Society Advertising has become a massive part of our social environment, and can be seen at large throughout any industrialized society. Nowadays it is virtually impossible to avoid ads while carrying on with your daily life. Our daily dosage comes from television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and most recently, social media, among others. The average person is exposed to

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4300 words - 18 pages the management ideas discussed over the past 200 years, to reinvent the ideas of work, and to introduce a more humanistic (in turns of understanding relationships between people) approach to management to help balance the traditional "mechanistic" (looking at the bottom-line) approach used in many organisations today. To help introduce this humanistic approach, management experts are finding creative ways of getting people to develop goals as a