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Reliability And Validity In Research Essay

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The Use of Reliability and Validity in Research

Dina Jones

The Use of Reliability and Validity in Research

The article “The Use of Reliability and Validity in Research”, really gave a better understanding of how to test reliability and validity. These were two areas that I felt would be a challenge for me to comprehend just as statistics was a bit confusing. Luckily, the article broke things down in laymen terms for readers and learners like me.
From the article, I was able to understand that the reliability of a test meant that a test could only be relied upon to produce similar results if ...view middle of the document...

Although this technique would reduce the test taker from having familiar items on the test it doesn’t rule it out completely because the items are still similar (Goshan, 2003). As a result, it would be important to consider other methods of testing reliability.
The last technique to test reliability is split halves testing. It means dividing up a test, for example by selecting all odd numbered items for one test, and even numbers for a second test (Goshan, 2003). Once the two tests have been completed, their scores can be correlated statistically to work out reliability (Goshan, 2003).
The next area to discuss from the article was determining validity from a test. There are three types of validity that test validity and they are: content validity, predictive validity, and concurrent validity. Validity means that a test is capable of measuring the constructs it was designed to measure (Goshan, 2003). This only means that a test that is designed to actually measure something does so rather than displaying the ability to measure it. Any test that is incapable of measuring it this way would be considered invalid.
Content validity refers to the fact that a test examines the full range of abilities or information regarding a topic (Goshan, 2003). For example, a child that is tested for intelligence, mathematical ability would not be the only important item for a test to measure (Goshan, 2003). Goshan (2003) stated that “spatial formation, vocabulary, comprehension and memory, amongst other factors, also play a role in...

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