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Religion And Society Essay

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Though, when a society is thought about it’s usually about the government, population, schools, and the people who live there. Religion is not usually the first thing on a mind of a person looking at a society or how that society is affected by the religion the country worships. Studies have shown that a secular nation, or a nation with a higher population of atheists than religious peoples have resulted in being a more peaceful nation. However, it has been said that a religious nation has higher rates of murder, teen pregnancy, abortion, sexual ...view middle of the document...

001 or less making the study face and not just chance. After the study’s results, the Global Peace Index cannot argue that secularism leads to peace and religion leads to turmoil. The Index’s study does not show that religion causes turmoil and secularism causes peace, the only thing being able to argue about is how religious countries do not have anything to prove the point that religion causes peace. All the Global Peace Index is showing how a secular nation can get along better with other countries along with the population of the country better than countries, like the United States, who are reliant on religion (Cline 1).
Looking at the divide between secular nations versus religious nations, you find that the murder rate is significantly different between the two. The study before with the Global Peace Index, learning that most religious nations have a higher murder rate; Louisiana has one of the highest church going populations of our nation but also has a murder rate twice the national average. However, going down the list of the murder rates relation to religion you see that the list goes Louisiana, The Bible Belt, United States, Britain, France, Australia, Sweden, and Japan ("Christanity and the Murder Rate" 1). If the list states that Louisiana has the largest murder rates, but also has the largest church going population, what does that say about religion, when the bible states, “Thou Shall Not Kill Thy Neighbor.”? If killing neighbors is wrong, according to the bible, then why do church going states or countries have some of the highest murder rates we have seen?
Religion says that the benefits it gives to people are life changing. However, another study done by a man named Gregory Paul tells that benefits religion is said to have are actually providing fuel for our societal ills His study compared people who were atheist and people who believe in God as our savoir. Many different studies proved that believing in God is not essential and can actually contribute to social problems in people. Gregory Paul took this study taking social indicators like murder rates; abortion, suicide and teen pregnancy to find that the United States had the high numbers, by comparing these numbers to less devout nations were not as dysfunctional. Paul stated that “Most Western states would become more religious if evolution was over turned and the presences of God was scientifically proven theory, majority support in the United States unless there was marked decline in religious belief.” He goes on to say, “I suspect that Europeans are increasingly repelled by the societal performance of the Christian states (Gledhill 1).” A paper published by the Journal of Religion and Society says: “Many Americans believe their church going nation is an exceptional God-blessed shining city on a hill that is and as impressive example for increasingly skeptical world. In general, high rates of belief in and worship a creator correlate with a high...

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