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Religion And Theology Essay

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1) Describe activities of Rabbi Goldberg you consider actions associated with a healer. What challenges does he face as a healer? Do you think these are typical activities and challenges for healers?
Rabbi Goldberg in the cause of his work does exhibit characteristics synonymous with a healer. When he meets Alemu for the first time he prods him to speak and offer a history to the situation. He takes time and encourages Alemu to speak without putting words in his mouth or ideas in his mind and encourages him to express himself. When faced with a situation that is beyond his control, the Rabbi retreats to seek assistance in this case from the book Culture & Nursing care: A Pocket ...view middle of the document...

When Alemu finally accepts his wife’s death and allows for the life support machine to be switched of, he attains the healing. He is now able to accept the gift that is his son while letting go of his wife. Moreover he is now able to face the future with a resignation to the death of his wife and recognition that there was nothing else he could do for her.
3) How are professional medical people talked about? Positive? Negative?
Professional medical people are talked about both positively and negatively. When talking about the way Tanagne’s death was communicated to the family, when the nurse expresses her exasperation at the vivid emotional expression of the Ethiopians at the ICU waiting room or the way the two medical doctors called into the nurses station to deal with a Alemu’s situation, this are both instances where the doctors are talked about in negative. However when the nurses respond to the request by the Rabbi to have him paged should Tanagne’s situation change, when the Rabbi upon the arrival of the Bishop and when Alemu was handed the documents to sign when are all instances that the medical people are talked to positively.
4) Do you see aspects of three spheres of healing: professional; popular (family); and folk? Explain.
The three spheres of healing are clear and evident. The professional sphere is evidenced by the doctors and nurses. They practice organized healing and they use methods and materials of healing not available to popular and folk spheres. The popular (family) sphere is evident in the group initially gathered in the ICU waiting room. They are there to do what they do best, morn and express their emotions publicly and loudly to show solidarity with Alemu at his moment of trials. As is expected of the popular sector, they do not offer much in way of guidance or leadership with respect to the situation at hand. Finally the...

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