Religion Ideas Essay

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Religion Ideas
January 15, 2012

Religion Ideas
The religion topic is kind of complicated. Around the world people have different points of view about the religion. The youngest generation in comparison with the old people they do not take importance to religion or any issue related with the religion. In some parts of the world the people do not care about religion but they believe in other things such as afterlife. This paper will explain what religion does for people, why people avoid religion and what are the factors that make the religion study complicated.
What religion does for people?
The word religion is related with the word spirituality. The people that have the ...view middle of the document...

Some people avoid the religion totally just because they do not have faith in God or thing related with religion.
Some people do not believe in the existence of Jesus or God. The explanation of this people is that when they ask for help to Jesus or God they never get any kind of help. These persons lost their faith in religion and avoid all things related with the religion. Some people cannot believe in what they do not see; this is the reason that some people have to be faithless.
What makes the study of religion complicated?
Because religion go across many different boundaries in human experience, religion is notoriously difficult to define. The study of religion is complicated because each country has their religion and believes. When people study religion need to compare the different religions across the world to find the similarities of differences. When people start study religion they may notice that all the religions are almost the same just some details difference one from the other.
Also the study of religion is complicated because people can find many books about religion but the text on the books can be different. The difference of the text is based in the author’s point of view. The main religious book is the bible but each religion interpreted the book in a different way. The different religions have their bible and the study of each book make difficult the understanding of religion as well. Some religions believe in things that other religions do not believe. The contradictions of important events across the religion make the study of religion complicated as well.
“The study of...

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