Religion Versus Science Essay

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Religion versus Science
Science has often challengedreligious dogma, since Copernicus first upset the Church-approved, heliocentricmodel of the cosmos. However, after the Enlightenment, when the empiricalmethod of scientific enquiry was fully established, science has come to be seenas a competing, and viable method of explanation for all phenomena. Darwininitiated interest in the modern science of biology, in The Origin ofSpecies, which advanced the theory of evolution, and this was contra to thetraditional religious explanation. This stated that all animals, humansincluded, were evolved through natural selection from single-celled organismsto the multi-cellular ones that are extant today. ...view middle of the document...

It isobvious from this story that man plays a secondary role to God, being formed onhis image and likeness.
Eugenics is from the AncientGreek eu (meaning well) and genos (meaning tribe, or race). Thescience is therefore concerned with producing the best human beings byselective breeding. The modern understanding of genetics has enabled eugenicsto be carried out on a highly scientific basis, though it is worth noting thateugenics is by no means a modern phenomenon alone. Humans have practisedagriculture and farming for many centuries, and for much of this time haveknown to select the best animals for breeding, so that desirablecharacteristics are passed along to the next generation. In modern times, the science ofeugenics has figured badly in the popular imagination, largely due to the Naziparty's vision of a supreme state (the Third Reich) from which inferior raceswere deliberately excluded (such as the Jews).
Genetic Engineering is thescience of selecting specific genes from cell nuclei, and then splicing theminto a second nuclei, in order to engineer species with a specific gene suchthat could confer some biological advantage. This is commonly done with crops,in order to create strains that have been engineered with a high resistance topests, and so will be less in need of expensive fertilisers. Maybe humans will be able to'order' their children, and to ask for certain characteristics to be selectedfor their offspring. These could range from the trivial, such as eye-colour orhair colour, to biological, such as resistance to disease and full physical andmental soundness, to the more subjective, such as musical talent or high IQ.However, there have been increasing worries over the...

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