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Religious And Secular Symbols Essay

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Religious and Secular Symbols in the World

Religion acts as a set of symbols that performs a distinctive function: they persuade us that there is a direct connection between our view of world and how we ought to live, or how we are supposed to live. By formulating concepts we begin to adopt these concepts as general order of existence. Symbols can demonstrate a heritage or any type of religion. Religion representation involves the usage of exclusive signs by a specific belief which explains everything that is related to its psyche and traditions, counting epitome, natural phenomenon and events the art that is developed on that ground over that phase (Ellwood, 1993). Mankind finds comfort ...view middle of the document...

For example, the cross is used as a sign for roads we drive today. The cross which is located inside a diamond shape sign let the drivers know that the road is running north, south, east, and west.
The Ichthys or fish symbol is also another form of Christianity. The Christian fish symbol consists of two intersecting arcs that trace the outline of fish. Early Christians used these symbols to themselves as followers of the highest power Jesus Christ. Many followers of Christ are identified by this because many of them were actually fishermen or had a profession of fishing. Fish frequently appeared in Christ ministry. For example, in the bible Mark 1:17 says, “Come, follow me Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men”. The missionary of Christians you could say is symbolized by the Ichthys, which is considered a secondary symbol of Christianity.
The fish symbol can also been as a secular symbol. For example, the Darwin fish symbol. This symbol is made somewhat similar to the Christian symbol (Ichthys). The symbol is of a fish with Darwin in its body with legs on the fish. People who have this stickers are called Atheists. Atheists see life differently than Christians. This society uses this symbol to refute scientifically unsubstantiated religious claims. Atheists believe in evolution, and that human progress can best be achieved through scientific method, rational or open inquiry.
The Islamic or Muslim religion is recognized by a symbol of a star and crescent. This symbol however is thousands years older than Islam. The people of Siberia and Central Asia used these symbols in their worship of the sun, moon, and sky Gods. The symbol is considered a secondary specific symbol. For example, the crescent and moon was adopted as the symbol to represent or honor the goddess of Diana. Now it’s very important to know that Islam had few traditional symbols back in the days. The symbol didn’t become affiliated with the Muslim society until the year of 1453.
Since the beginning of time, “The Star of David”, also known as the Shield of David has been recognized or symbolized with Judaism. This symbol is considered a focal symbol. The earliest known Jewish star dates back to the 6th century B.C. The symbol consists of six-pointed star (hexagram), made of two...

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