Religious Diversity In America Essay

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Today the United States is considered the most diverse nation in the world compared to 50 years ago. During the past 50 years immigrants from around the world have dramatically changed the landscape of America. From Christianity to Judaism, from Buddhism to Hinduism and a variety of other faiths are found today around the different regions of the United States, such as in our own cities and neighborhoods. Religion in America has many branches, due to its large pool of different belief and multicultural traditions that have developed over time.
The signing of the Immigration Act of 1965 by President Johnson was just the beginning of contributing to the end of discrimination toward ...view middle of the document...

The outgoing wave of incoming immigrants to this country in combination with internal developments have assured that no nation on earth has experienced such overall changes in its religious composition or had such a abundant variety of faiths from which to choose. A large number of Americans today are rejecting traditional religions and instead are blending and establishing their own belief systems to be able to reach their spiritual needs (Robinson; Dudley). Resulting in two types of people: the spiritual seekers and the conservatives of Christianity, not only but-also America will not only keep creating new ethics religions but multinational religions will surface too (Beckman). Indeed is common for young adults to drift away from the faith group from where they were brought (Robinson). In truth the youth in the United States, seems the most interested in the different types of religion maybe out of curiosity or fashion. Younger Americans seem not to have any disturbances when it comes to changing their religious life (Dudley).
There are many challenges with the growth of religious pluralism in America. A main challenge for the United States is to open our eyes, to rediscover America and to discover how immigration has altered the religious landscape of our communities (Eck 2). Other challenges can be the fear of outsider religions not being able to hold fast to our received democratic traditions. Another cultural challenge that can be considered is the difficult stack of maintaining equity and fairness. Even so, “pluralism can be defined as “the co-existence with a measure of civic peace of different groups in one society” (Prothero 39). In other word, pluralism demands respect mutual open-mindedness to others beliefs. However, Coleman disputes by basically saying that that we are not really more...

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