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Rembrandt Art Making Practice Essay

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Rembrandt Van Rijn made a lot of changes in his life concerning his artistic practice. 
Rembrandt is a Baroque Artist from the 17th Century. He is famous for his paintings now but in the 17th Century he was more praised for his skills as a printmaker.
The Artistic practice is the process in which he created his artworks from the beginning where he would have thought of his concept (inspired by beliefs, choices etc.) to the end masterpiece.
Through the use of the structural frame this essay will explore in depth the life of Rembrandt and his artworks.
This essay will explain Rembrandt’s life and then refer to both Rembrandt’s earliest and latest artworks such as, Self Portrait, Open-Mouthed ...view middle of the document...

But these personal misfortunes did not take negative effect on his artistic career. They actually did the opposite and his artistic talent became higher quality than before.
A lot of dutch style artworks in the 17th Century were based on the independence of the Netherlands and the remembrance of the land and citizens rights. Much of the Dutch art in the 17th Century was influenced by the long, hard and victorious fight for the independence of Netherlands.
Dutch art was a representation of the different types of people coming together as one union to win independence of their land.
The artwork at the time was made to be a lot smaller than usual in order to fit into peoples houses, as the houses were very small in the Netherlands.
This era produced the greatest Dutch artworks and Rembrandt’s still life artworks excelled in this time.
Dutch art became less and less wanted in the 18th and 19th Centuries regardless of it’s good quality and unique style.
Rembrandt, who was well known for his portrait paintings at the time, used his incredible and individual skills of detail to express the depth of feeling in his artworks. Rembrandt thought himself to be a history painter who painted portraits to convey the image of the lands bad economic states.

Rembrandt used different techniques for his paintings and his etchings in order to supply the audience with a greater depth and information of the artwork. These techniques include, the use of shadow and light, emphasis on the face and hands, changing long contour lines into dots and shorter strokes and the use of costume.
Rembrandt uses various effects in his paintings. He has a heavy use of strong and outgoing light as well as shadows to create interesting composition and depth. This technique is used to highlight specific areas of the artwork that Rembrandt thought needed more attention. It was mostly used by Rembrandt to emphasise the face and hands of the person being painted.
Oil paints are a very good medium to use for the technique that Rembrandt used as oil paints take at least 2-3 days to...

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