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Remedial Reading Essay

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Remedial Teaching to Slow-Readers




English is one of the difficult languages to learn. English as a subject is usually associated with Phonic Method of teaching. A remedial reading program is necessary for slow readers and/or to those who performed lower than the average.
Some children learn that certain letter make certain familiar sound which they repeat in unison and separately until they master it, this kind of learning and some behavioral problems call for a remedial teaching or a more pedagogical approach in giving didactic ...view middle of the document...

We educators believe that doors for improvement is open , the proper recognition in reading of slow readers using phonetic approach and the constant reading exercise using SRA Reading Laboratory Materials is important. This will further enhance pupils’ enthusiasm for reading and develop good study habits.

What is the performance of Grade V Slow Readers before and after the remedial lessons in reading using the phonetic
This study intends to:
Use Phonetic approach to Grade V Pupils Remedial Class and Evaluate the strategy used by the teachers who are handling remedial classes in Grade V and
Compare the performance of slow- readers before and after the remedial lessons in this program.


Didactic- intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment
Alphabet cards- used to teach correct names and sounds of the letters of the alphabet
SRA- Science Research Associates
Phonetic-breaking words to sounds called phoneme, then decode words by sounding the letters then to written form.


This study will be deemed important for the recognition of remedial Teaching to Slow Readers using phonetic approach and SRA Reading Laboratory Materials for exercises and this will guide teachers in facilitating reading process and lead pupils to enhance in mastering the basic skills in their level.



1. The net effect: A decline in the number of slow and non readers in schools in all municipalities. We are not a nation of readers; we are a nation of story tellers.
Juan Miguel Luz (June7 2007).
2. Words are to be read accurately but words are never an end in themselves. John Van Der Brink (2004).
3. If a pupil shows signs of learning problems especially in reading’ a professional cognitive skills evaluation should be the next step. This kind of assessment utilizes testing methods to identify specific areas of concern. Mitchell (2002).
4. Every child should be given a chance by which reading instruction could be best delivered by qualified and prepared teachers so that they will learn to read and to become successful
Dechant (1991) quoted by Valdez (2004).
5. There is evidence that one-to-one tutoring is the most powerful force of instruction Wasic (2003). To begin with small group instruction and move to one-to-one tutoring for pupils who are slow in progress could be efficient .Salvin (2001).
6. Learning to read would not become successful unless that child is ready Valdez (2004).
7. Teachers who have never studied reading but just base their practices from intuition, on incidental learning, and on how they think they were taught to read before, greatly influence the teaching of reading in our school. Elliot and Anderson (2005).



This action research is design for the slow-readers. Learners need a close...

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