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Renaissance Art Essay

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Shannon Wilds
Renaissance Art- Unit 4
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The Renaissance was a time to give new life to art, music, science, etc. It was unlike any other era, in the fact that artist were going beyond their boundaries to depict a beautiful masterpiece. Michelangelo’s piece named David, to represent the biblical hero, was the first piece like itself since the Greeks. This sculptor captured the eye of many and the general populations were in awe at powerful expression that David had. Another piece that brought upon a new perspective is The Holy Trinity. This painting accurately defines space within a painting, giving it somewhat of a three dimensional look. When looking at the ...view middle of the document...

Looked down upon by his father and uncles, Michelangelo left school and joined an apprenticeship to become an artist. His career did a lot to change the status of “artist,” from manual laborer to cultural leader. Michelango’s inspiration to sculpt the way he did was because of the people. The struggle with their imperfect selves- souls in turmoil, bound in their bodies.
The Holy Trinity, painted by Masaccio, was centered in a chapel. As said before, the trinity is boldly represented in this painting. Also in this painting are Mary, mother of Jesus, St. John, and also the two donors who paid for the painting, a husband and wife. One thing I find so powerful in this piece is the skeleton down below with an inscription stating “I was what you are, and what I am you shall become.” Moving from top to bottom, the painting goes from spiritual to the physical. The quote has a meaningful purpose to it. In a religious sense, this could be Jesus speaking to each individual, the man who died for our sins, stating that humankind will always be with him. This painting was the first of its kind to have a linear perspective. New to that day in age which then makes it part of the renaissance. According to the text, Masaccio used perspective to construct an illusion of figures in three-dimensional space. The vanishing point in this painting is at eye level for most, at the base of Jesus’ cross. Influenced by Brunelleschi, Masaccio expertly created the illusion of depth in his painting. This painting was rediscovered in 1861. When cleaned in 1952, restorers discovered the skeleton...

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