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Renaissance: Continuity Or Change? Essay

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Beginning in the early fourteenth century and continuing for over three hundred years, the Renaissance was a cultural liberation for the people of Europe. Everything from the arts to the way people thought about life and death, the Renaissance played an important part in the development of various technologies and ideas. However ,while it is seen as a revolution by the majority of people, some believe that the Renaissance was merely an advancement in the chronological order of time. This essay will look at the Renaissance from multiple angles and examine whether it was just an advancement of time or if it was a complete revolution of ideas.

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This became most visual at the very beginning of the Renaissance, when much of Europe was questioning the church's authority and whether they could trust what the papacy preached to them. Beginning with the western schism, distrust with the papacy continued to grow until Martin Luther the 95 Theses which eventually led to the reformation and creation of an early Protestant religion which seeked to completely separate itself from the roman catholic church. While one hundred years prior to this event, Martin Luther and any followers would have been claimed a heretic, now with the political reformation along with people beginning to view their relationship with God differently, no one even questioned this act.

Before the beginning of the Renaissance, many artists were unable to add any sense of depth to their work. This changed when artists took inspiration and design ideas from people like Filippo Brunelleschi (an architect) and various others about how they could incorporate perspective into their artwork. Some great examples of this are noticeable in works like Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, Jan van Eyck's Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride, and Raphael's The School of Athens. Each of these paintings showed an advancement in the ability of these artists to make their works more dimensional; from the detail in the figures of Michelangelo, to the three dimensional look of The School of Athens. While much of the early Renaissance art still held strong influence with the church, artists such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder began to to create pieces of art that focused more on the daily life of townsfolk and scenery.

While the Renaissance arts were dominantly focused on paintings or writings and the such, the Renaissance also ushered in a new age of architecture. However, instead of constructing new designs all together, many Italian architects looked at the structures used in the middle ages such as: archways, pillars, columns, and the aesthetic design of ancient building. The first architect to take inspiration from the classical age of architecture was Filippo Brunelleschi who is complimented with being the father of Renaissance style. The crowning achievement of the Renaissance/Classical design would be the reconstruction of St. Peters Basilica. As the Renaissance continued, more detailed architecture ideas began to form and eventually, more “modernized” structures appeared throughout Europe.

The early middle ages also saw a new wave of science that was the influence of many different artworks. A perfect example of this would be in Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and the...

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