Renaissance Generation Essay

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Western World Literature

December 13, 2013

The Renaissance generation

Medieval is described as the middle ages. The middle ages began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and then merged into the beginning of Renaissance and the European discovery. The Middle Ages was considered to have brought more positive things at that particular period. It concentrated more on the relationship with God and it was dominated by the Catholic Church. A lot of things happened in the middle ages, especially in the late middle ages where there was sickness, plague and war which wiped down the entire people in Europe. After the Middle Ages came Renaissance and it changed everything about ...view middle of the document...

William Shakespeare is one of the influential writers in modern day literature and in the English renaissance. Shakespeare was born towards the end of renaissance and he brought renaissance into his writing styles. Shakespeare style of writing is been admired from how he creates his characters to have different poetic imaginations and voices. Shakespeare is also admired for his power to create memorable characters and tell compelling stories in literature “that his plays are children of nature rather than of art. His power is simply his mastery of language as an expressive and poetic medium. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets.

Marguerite De Navarre was one of the few authors to have distinguished themselves in the major media of creative writing. She was known to be “the complete expression of the French Renaissance”. She is a well educated and wealthy woman. Her mind illustrates in the interest of a more comprehensive view of reality with the love of God, who exists on a plane of spiritual experience that transcends...

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