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Renaissance Through Impressionism Essay

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Renaissance through ImpressionismArt has taken us through a roller coaster ride in the past. From ancient cave drawings to early architecture, from the "Mona Lisa" to the "Water Lilies", art has gone through so many movements that it is difficult to keep up with. In this paper, I will talk about the eras from Renaissance to the movement of Impressionism. Not only will I talk about the different eras, but some pieces that were involved in the movements.Renaissance Era: The Renaissance Era ranged from c. 1400 to 1600. It is said that the spark that started the renaissance flame came from a life that lay dormant in Italy. After almost a millennium, the people of Italy came back to life and ...view middle of the document...

I am personally fond of this piece because of the great talent that was put into it as well as the style. The arches in the background are, in essence, a halo to the two fathers of philosophy. The arches form a ring around their heads as if they were deity. This piece is a good representation of the Renaissance era because it is a focus on humanities, being the philosophers of the past (Kissick 206-208).Baroque. The Baroque period was from c. 1600 to 1750. The root of the word is not specifically known but one thing is certain: the term represents artwork of complex, intricate, or irregular substance. The renaissance restricted the people of the era and now the Baroque period is freeing those people. Probably the most important happening of the time that had a profound impact on the period was the reformation led my Martin Luther. The protesting of the Catholic Church allowed for a reformation of several aspects of the time. Music, for one, was changed. Hymns were a new way that Luther found to teach and celebrate his newly found religion. Art, however, was not tolerated in the church. There were too many different ways in which one could support the Catholic Church indirectly with art. This opened up the market for visual art to be sold to the middle class.The piece that I wish to study from the Baroque period is the "Death of the Virgin" by Caravaggio produced in 1605-6. This piece is oil on canvas and is 12'1" x 8'1/2". "Death of the Virgin" resides in the Louvre in Paris. I enjoy this piece almost as much as I enjoy the "School of Athens". I used to know quite a bit about this piece but my memory is slipping. The color of red is supposed to represent something, weather it be death, virginity, or deity I am not sure. Something that I read in the text that I found interesting is that the Virgin was actually a painting of a drowned prostitute, which upset the church. The colors are the most intriguing part of this painting though. The morbid feeling was captured with the dark shadows of brown that drape over the characters in this piece. I look at this piece and it represents the Baroque period rather accurately. The period itself is a rise of freedom from the church and renaissance era and the painting depicts the death of the Virgin Mary. Coincidence, I think not. The wrinkles in the skin and the way that the clothes drape over the body are wonderful examples of the detail that were added to art in comparison to early art (Kissick 237-239).Romanticism. Romanticism is a movement in art that opposed classical views and emphasized those aspects that are found in the psyche such as the pleasurable, or the sublime. Spanning through the early nineteenth century, this period sought to individualize the artist and bring out the primacy of human beings. Most art during that time did one of two things: either the artist was included in the piece or the focus was on bodily pleasures to include marriage and the beauty that was offered by the bodies of...

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