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Renal Notes Essay

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Which of the following people would be most severely affected by prolonged vomiting?

a. 3-year-old male

b. 15-year-old male

c. 35-year-old male

d. 35-year-old female

e. 50-year-old male
3-year-old male

Extracellular fluid has a
higher sodium content than intracellular fluid.

The predominant intracellular cation is

The predominant extracellular cation is

Which of the following fluid compartments contains the largest volume of water?

a. plasma

b. interstitial compartment

c. intracellular compartment

d. extracellular compartment

e. lymph
intracellular compartment

Water moves back and forth across the plasma membrane by the process of
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b. interstitial

c. intracellular

d. extracellular

e. cytoplasm

This condition occurs when too much water and solute are taken in at the same time. Although extracellular fluid volume increases, plasma osmolarity may remain normal.

Water output totals ____________ per day.
2500 ml

This condition occurs when water and solutes are lost at the same time. This condition primarily involves a loss of plasma volume. Plasma osmolarity usually remains normal even though volume is low.

Water intake totals ____________ per day.
2500 ml

How many liters of water does the average adult body contain?
40 liters

Water output includes "insensible loss" fromskin, lungs and GI of ________per day.
1000 ml

This condition occurs when too much water is taken in without solute. Volume increases, but because solute is not present, plasma osmolarity decreases.

This condition occurs when water, but not solute, is lost. It involves a loss of volume but, because solutes are not lost in the same proportion, plasma osmolarity increases.

Water output through urine totals of ________per day.
1500 ml

Water intake includes ____________ from food and beverages and 200 mls from cell metabolism.
2300 ml

Antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
increases water reabsorption in the kidneys.

Intense sympathetic stimulation of the kidney
decreases renal flow.

Autoregulation in the kidney involves changes in the degree of
constriction of afferent arterioles.

When aldosterone is absent, sodium reabsorption in the nephron is
greatly decreased

Thirst is stimulated by

a. increased osmolality of the blood.

b. decreased blood volume.

c. increased angiotensin II.

d. all of these
all of these

Renin is released by the

Which ions are most important for establishing the resting membrane potential (RMP)?

a. Ca2+ ions

b. Cl- ions

c. K+ ions

d. Mg2+ ions

e. Na+ ions
K+ ions

Which of these normally represents the SMALLEST source of water loss from the body?

a. evaporation

b. feces

c. sensible and insensible perspiration

d. urine

Which of the following events occurs last?
a. release of renin by the kidney

b. release of aldosterone by the adrenal cortex

c. sodium reabsorption by the kidney tubules

d. angiotensinogen ® angiotensin I

e. angiotensin I ® angiotensin II
sodium reabsorption by the kidney tubules

As the rate of sweat production increases, the amount of sodium lost in the urine

You've been working outside in the hot sun and are dripping wet with sweat. Your fluid intake has been minimal as you have been too busy to stop and get a drink. You would expect

a. your blood osmolality to be low.

b. an increase in the production of urine.

c. aldosterone levels to decrease.

d. ADH levels to increase.

e. ADH levels to decrease.
ADH levels to increase.

Aldosterone secretion may be stimulated by

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