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This report was commissioned by Doctors Stewart and Campbell and compiled by Petra Kosova of Total Administrative and Organisational Solutions (TAOS). The aims of the report were to identify the administrative problems and recommend changes.

Cairnwell Health Centre is located in the middle of Fraserhead. The capacity of the Centre is 1,000 patients. It is headed up in partnership by Doctors Stewart and Campbell who employ several staff members including a Practice Manager, two receptionist/clerical assistants, an archivist, two typist and nursing staff.

The Health Centre has been inspected by representatives of the Buchan NHS Trust. During inspection these issues were ...view middle of the document...

(See Appendix 1)

2. On 31st August, an observation of the reception was carried out. These issues were found:

➢ The receptionist was often away from her desk.
➢ A telephone was ringing for a long time without an answer.
➢ During the morning there was a queue of patients.
➢ Patients were not served in satisfactory time.
➢ The appointment system and attitudes of staff led to high levels of patient dissatisfaction.

3. Patient questionnaire was handed out on 4th September (see Appendix 2).
In the patient questionnaire were six questions. From 600 patients filled the questionnaire 556 with followings results:

➢ From 556 patients, 143 were not satisfied with the appointment system.

➢ Over 69 % of patients were not comfortable with the attitude of staff.

➢ 501 patients answered that the medical equipment was effective.

(See Appendix 3, Diagram with results)

4. The staff questionnaire was handed out on 5th of September. (See Appendix 4). In the questionnaire types of question were included which could help to remedy staff troubles. The questionnaire was designed to be anonymous. This was to encourage people to be honest in how they answered.

➢ Only 20 % of staff was satisfied with their job.

➢ 40 % of staff had 50 and more days off last year.

➢ 7 members of staff from 10 felt under pressure in the workplace.

(See Appendix 5, Diagram with results)

5. On 7th September the IT system was evaluated. The following issues were found:

➢ Hardware and software were outdated such as monitors, matrix printers and security system.
➢ Security system was not upgraded and it could lead to data lost or misuse of private patients’ records.
➢ Old monitors CRT´s (cathode ray tube) could cause problems like headaches and problems with eyes. Pictures were of poor quality and glimmered.
➢ Matrix printers were old and not economically viable. Printers were consuming a great deal of energy plus wasted colours.

6. On 8th September was carried out the meeting with staff.
The following points were prioritised:

➢ Low staff morale.
➢ Stress-related absenteeism.
➢ Patients’ dissatisfaction with attitude of staff.

These problems were discussed with staff. Every member of staff agreed with changing attitudes to patients’ and a reduction in stress-related absenteeism.


During dates 28th August, 2009 to 8th September, an interview with Doctor Campbell was carried out where the main problems were discussed. An observation of the reception area was carried out, patient and staff questionnaires were distributed too. The IT system was evaluated and finally a meeting with staff was carried out.

Some significant problems were highlighted during the visit to Cairnwell Health Centre:

➢ Low staff morale

➢ High levels of stress-related absenteeism caused by lack of communication between members of staff

➢ A lack of...

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