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Report On Online Conferencing

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This report is done on online conferencing and states the advantages and disadvantages and the various types of conferences that are available for a company or organisation and how it can be used effectively. Online conferencing is using the internet a conference venue. Long-established conference means participants have to travel and stay in particular places. This is very time consuming and also expensive. Web-based conferencing supports various locations therefore there is no need to have all of the companies associates at a central location, as it may not be possible. Presentations can be given to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, before, after or during office hours. No more ...view middle of the document...

This allows the clients and delegates to see who they are associating with. However if the idea of a conference is looked at in a general perspective the "better interaction" takes place outside the formal physical conferencing itself. Delegates and clients are allowed to interact anywhere at any place, at home, at the bar, over meals or at a café lounge etc. This allows the client and delegates to interact more as there is usually less interaction during the physical conference, partly because there is less time in a physical workshop, than in an online workshop. It is more likely that in an online conference there is a higher level of participation from a much number of clients and delegates than there is in a physical conference as participants are more relaxed and are not putting up a renowned front or cover how anxious or intimidated they are.Online conferencing can also be a disadvantage as it is really easy to get distracted. A client could get bored if a part of the conference is no interest to them at all and could find themselves playing games in another browser! Also people could distract you from outside and can have instant access to other technology devices such mobile phones, and emails, whereas in a physical conference clients would be more likely to avoid such situations...

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