Report On The Subject Of Adapting Premises To Meet The Requirements Of The New Legislation

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Report on the Subject of Adapting Premises to Meet the Requirements of the New Legislation

In order for the hotel to meet the new legislation requirements whom
are stated in “the disability discrimination act” from 1995, it will
need to make some changes. This act places responsibility on tourism
providers to create specific operations and facilities which can be
used by disabled people. In broad terms “Any tourism provider is not
to discriminate against anyone with a disability” Since October 1999
service providers are required to make reasonable steps in order to
make services available to people who are disabled. This means the
hotel should make ...view middle of the document...

The hotel should make sure that the fire escapes are wide
enough for a wheel chair to go through and allow them to go through
without any hindrance i.e. raised steps. Easy to open doors, so no
pins at the top of the door which would mean people have to stand up
in order to open the door.

The design of the rooms and the certain areas in the hotel should be
rearranged, perhaps the rooms should be refitted by moving the bed so
there is more space between the bed and the wall and the end of the
bed and the wall. See if furniture can be repositioned in order to
allow maximum maneuverability for a wheelchair. Loot at the wardrobes,
can they be used by people in a wheelchair; there is no point in
having a shelf at 6 feet height. Other fixtures and fittings need to
be practical and easy to use for disabled people. The sink should be
lowered to a point where someone in a wheelchair can reach the tap and
the soap. Below the sink there should be enough space for the disabled
person to put his feet and wheelchair without having the chance of
hurting himself etc…

There are however some drawbacks on these possible changes. All this
requires an investment of considerable magnitude and this could impose
problems on the financial situation of the hotel. Every chance that
they want to make they will need building and planning permission for.
This means every change needs to be justified and explained on paper
to the council and they will have to determine whether they agree with
all the changes and if the license will be provided. Although I do not
see why the council would not approve of these changes it will take
some time and perhaps some modifications will have to be re-specified
to local standards. A complication though that may arise is that the
hotel is dating back to the 1890’s this means that the building is
listed and is “protected”. Because the building is listed as a
monument, it might not be allowed to be modified. Although this is no
reason to close it down, in the future this might prove problematic,
the hotel does not meet the minimum legal...

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