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Reporting Abuse

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Reporting Abuse Summary
Mary Wiley, Sandra Spencer, Tracey Marshall-Dove,
Lisa Stein, Jeannie Puskarich
October 10, 2010
Bobby Fowler

Reporting Abuse Summary
Team A has been researching and discussing our individual state laws concerning reporting abuse on children, spouse, and elders. The discussion centered around our thoughts on confidentiality and the duty to protect others from harm. There are three of us who reside in Washington State, and one in Florida, and one in Ohio. This summary will bring together all the different laws and the reader will begin to see the similarities and differences on reporting abuse between the states.
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The basis of reporting abuse/neglect must be reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect. All reports of neglect are with State Department of Social and Health Services or proper law enforcement agency. The penalty for Failure to Report or False Reporting is a Gross Misdemeanor
(Washington laws on child abuse, 2010).
The Adult Protective Services (APS) in Washington State offers details on the state laws and programs available for elder abuse. Elder abuse encompasses a broad area. Those areas include physical, sexual, all the same as with a child, but one of the biggest is financial exploitation, which is illegal use of the person’s personal accounts. Every state has specific elder abuse laws. Most states have similar laws in place to protect children, spouses, and elderly. Child, spousal, and elderly abuses are across the board issues and most states are on the same page.
Reporting Abuse: State of Florida
The Florida Department of Children and families is the complete resource guide for reporting and stopping spousal abuse. The Florida Department of Children and Families understands the crime of domestic violence and how it affects its victims. Affecting one in every four women and one in every 33 men, domestic violence destroys the very fabric of the home (NCADV, 2010). The silent tyranny of domestic violence often goes on uninterrupted for years. The Domestic Violence Program in Florida seeks to bring increase awareness to the seriousness of domestic violence, and implement prevention plans to stop it before it can begin. Domestic violence crisis hotlines are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for victims of domestic violence. These programs are state and federal funded across the state of Florida. The cost is approximately 26 million dollars in state funds to combat the growing problem of domestic violence.
Reporting Abuse: State of Ohio
Victims of sexual activity offense constituting abuse or exhibits evidence of physical or mental injury inflicted other than by accidental means, or threats or harm to child's health and welfare, or is an endangered child under 2919.22. Mandatory reporting required by attorney, physician, nurse, other health care professional, dentist, coroner, daycare worker, schoolteacher/employer, social worker, professional counselor, speech pathologist, child services agency employee, person rendering spiritual treatment through prayer, psychologist, and day camp employee (Ohio child abuse laws, 2010).
The basis of reporting abuse/neglect is having...

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