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Reproductive Freedom Essay

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The main thesis of this essay is that the use of birth control is stated to be "unnatural", this then becomes intertwined with "nature" thus nature becoming the logical connection among feminists attempts to gain control over one's own reproductive freedom.The main argument for this thesis is that nature has become the enemy, a "natural disaster" in which women produce child after child; nature becomes as despicable as those linked with it; female, the lower class and, racially marked bodies.Despite many arguments that the "natural" role of a women is to reproduce, it is argued that the birth ...view middle of the document...

I found this to be an interesting essay, and I really enjoy Margaret Sanger's response to the notion of birth control being unnatural. The prohibition of women using birth control because it is unnatural is a ridiculous perception and an obvious attempt at keeping women impregnated, and oppressed. I view giving birth as one of the most trying experiences of ones life, the pain, and emotion that it encompasses is beyond what anyone would understand unless they too had experienced it. Childbirth is life-long lifelong commitment; this commitment must be a woman's choice and not her duty. Since the birth of my daughter I have made an assiduous decision to not have any more children. Something that I have come to realize is that there is a certain social stigma among those who choose to have only one child. Because of my decision to not have more children I have been viewed by some as un-motherly, and selfish; even more so my daughter is viewed as spoiled. The idea that women are reproductive beings is as true as it is for men, men are not judged for the decision to not have children, yet women are. The freedom of birth control that we experience now seems to be only acceptable until a certain point, when a woman never has children she is still viewed as different. Controlling one's own reproduction should be a right not a privilege, the very idea of sporadic, incessant pregnancies against ones wishes terrifies me.

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