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Requirements For Entry Level Nursing Essay

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An ongoing debate for the requirements to become a Registered Nurse (RN) has been unsettled. Several different educational pathways lead to an RN licensure; however, the minimum educational requirements must be standardized at the baccalaureate level for several reasons. Spetz and Bates (2013) published that a growing number of hospitals prefer hiring nurses with a Bachelor Science in Nursing (BSN) as this increases the status of the nursing profession (p. 1). Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), as well as a certificate on-the-job training Diploma are two other educational pathways to become an RN, which can be disadvantageous to the nursing profession in several ways (Tollick 2013; ...view middle of the document...

Other professions such as lawyers, physicians, architects, etc. maintain a high-standardized level of education in which nursing fails to do so. The American Nurse Association (ANA) committee published a position paper that compared nursing to other professions and recommended that the ADN is not sufficient for this profession (Jacobs and Bishop 1998). Jacobs and Bishop (1998) made a point by stating that “the education of professional nurses must take place in institutions of higher learning with a bachelor of science in nursing degree required for beginning professional practice as they should be socialized with philosophic and value system that is compatible with this role” (p. 226). Nursing is an evolving profession where they must be able to utilize their critical thinking skills in order to “assess, diagnose, intervene, evaluate, be a leader, deliver evidence-based care and know how to research and interpret that evidence. These competencies are only achievable through higher education with the baccalaureate level being the launching point” (Tollick, 2013, p. 4).

A growing number of employers prefer BSN nurses to ADN nurses according to recent reports (Spetz and Bates, 2013). This indicates that hospitals consider nurses with a BSN to be more professional than nurses with an ADN. According to Spetz, there has been a significant association between lower education levels of RNs with higher mortality rates (p. 4). Since 2000, a number of studies have found a significant association between the educational level of RNs and hospital outcomes such as mortality rates (Spetz and Bates, 2013). Other institutions also prefer the BSN degree such as the U.S. Military, and the Veterans Health Administration, which is the largest employer of RNs in the United States (Spetz and Bates, 2013).

ADN nurses as well as future ADN nurses are negatively contributing to the nursing profession. With the majority of nurses having only an ADN, there is now this big gap between the two-year degree and an advanced degree. This means that there is a shortage of nursing teachers as well as specialty nurses (Tollick, 2013). Opponents of this argument would say that an ADN is a stepping-stone for the BSN; however, only 16% of AND nurses will go on to earn a BSN throughout their career (Tollick, 2013). Nurses with ADNs lack courses that BSN nurses were required to take such as Nursing Leadership, Clinical Decision Making, Nursing Theory, and Professional Transitions. These...

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