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Res/351 Wk 5 Essay

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The Concern of College Dropout rates in The United States
October 31, 2013
Dr. Albert Smothers

The Concern of College Dropout rates in The United States
The United States is known for spending a great deal of funds on higher education. However in recent years statistics have revealed a high rate of college students fail to obtain their bachelor’s degrees. Currently 42% of college enrolled students fail to complete their education for bachelor’s degrees. Both educators and economists see this as an issue that can impact the country economically and the overall quality of life (Dunn, W. 2013).
Purpose of the Research
The purpose of our organizations study is to determine the ...view middle of the document...

Scope of the Study
The scope of the data will describe the type of research and the resources used in the research design. The data found in this study is based on statistical research that includes age, ethnicity, level of school completed, and level of preparation the respective student had for understanding the college experience. Additionally document analysis was used in evaluating previous research on the readiness of college students, and the impact of first generation students versus non-first generation students (Splichal, T. 2009).
The Research Question
The research question used for this study addresses the relationship between the student preparedness for college and the impact on the dropout rate. Does a student’s level of preparation for college impact their chances of dropping out further impacting the national college dropout rate?
Based on further research the null hypothesis is the factor in the high rate of student dropout rate is not due to the lack of student preparation prior to entering college. The alternate hypothesis is the primary cause of the college dropout rate is attributed the lack of students preparation for the college environment.
The variables we are considering are the issues concerning overall readiness. The independent variables included in the study are race, age range, age attended college, the generation of students whether they are first or non-first, the preparedness of the students, the students overall experience in college, the financial aid opportunities, and the curriculum difficulty of the university. First generation students are significantly less likely than their peers to graduate from college with 25% dropping out their first year and about 90% of them drop out within six years with no degree. (NPSAS, 2013). Psychologist Abraham Maslow stated in his theory that when basic survival needs are met, an individual may gain confidence and self-esteem to achieve success in his or her intelligential challenges (Huitt, 2004). Adversely, an individual may be motivated from not having some of the basic essentials and become self-driven to achieve success in their intelligential challenges. Low income, minority, and first generation students and their families tend to be less informed about financial aid. They tend to overestimate the cost of tuition and underestimate available aid (A Shared Agenda, 2004). Often, they do not know how to prepare for higher education, how to finance college, do not know admission procedures, or even making connections between career goals and educational requirements to achieve them.
Research Design
In order to test the research null and alternative hypothesis a formal study was conducted by working with national colleges and universities. An online survey was created to administer to students who met the criteria established in the research design. This survey was then sent to the qualified participants either by e-mail or mail...

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