Rescue Of The Child From Omelas

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after much convincing from my neighbors to visit what everyone called "it" I went to see for myself. I couldnt stand there for more than what seemed like the longest minute of my life. I was overcome with sadness, sickening grief and disgust by what I saw. It just didnt make any sense that this is essential for the "happiness" and prosperity of our community. I could not live this life thriving on the misery and torture of an innocent child. This couldnt continue and i decided to take matters into my own hands despite the consequences. I packed a small bag, ready to leave this Omelas and never return. But i would not go alone. If i would be free so should the child. After midnight, I went to ...view middle of the document...

The statues of what represented an era of cruelty and greed. We lived a simple life together and the child called "it" eventually grew up to become an independent young man known and admired for his extraordinary sense of gratitude and compassion with a light that exuded from his every being that people couldnt help be drawn to.

For some reason I never gave any thought to nor did I believe in what everyone called "it." Maybe my subconscious wasn't ready to face it but I knew it was something I had to do at least once and I finally went to see for myself. At first sight I froze and couldn't take another minute so I went home in a daze. I was overcome with a sadness, a sickening grief and disgust at the sight. It just didn't make any sense that this is what was essential for the "happiness" and prosperity of our community. I could not live this life thriving on the misery and torture of an innocent child. This couldn't continue and I decided to take matters into my own hands despite the consequences.
That night I packed a small bag, ready to leave town and never return. But I would not go alone. If I would be free so should the child. After midnight, I started off to the house and like a thief in the night I sneaked in, gently picked up the child and walked as fast as I could out of Omelas. I carried his weak and frail body the entire way. He held onto me as if his...

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