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Research 1 Essay

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1. The Condemnation of Galileo
Finocchiaro, Maurice. "A Galilean Approach to the Galileo Affair, 1609-2009." Science & Education 20, no. 1 (January 2011): 51-66. Education Research Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed March 22, 2014).
This article describes the life and times of Galileo told from the Galilean approach. Finocchiaro travels through the discoveries of Galileo and how others perceived his explorations. After his creation of the telescope and the discovery of the rough side of the moon, the Copernican Revolution began. This is when the argument of the world spinning on an axis and not standing still came into play. “Galileo answered the observational astronomical objections by ...view middle of the document...

” (1) The article suggests that it started with the Magisterial Reformation. The author writes that Anabaptism has changed throughout the time of the reformation, but it really different themes that created a central idea. Williams writes that “Early Anabaptism itself, with its mystical tolerance of externals (Denck), its "sacramentarían" view of the Mass (in Holland), and its eschatological intensity and confidence that in the latter days the untutored could interpret Holy Writ along with if not better than the learned (Hofmann), had from the start a strong Spiritualist cast (so Holl, Kühler, Lindeboom, et al.) which was only gradually worked out of the movement in the course of experiencing its aberrancies and in explicit controversy, for example, in that between Marpeck and Schwenckfeld” (122-23). This article states that “A distinctive Anabaptist doctrine of the sleep of the soul was combatted by the Reformers…” giving its entire eschatology (158). Unfortunately the article did recognize that there has not been a big update about the reformation since 1957.
3. The Jesuits missions to Japan.
Rubiés, Joan-Pau. "Real and...

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