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Research Article Critique Presentation Essay

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Community Emergency Preparedness and Response PaperNUR/408University of Phoenix
Professor HarrisCommunity Emergency Preparedness and Response PaperCommunity emergency preparedness and response relates to the community or communities that need to be prepared to respond to any disaster that may occur. As in the case of episode five in season two in this week's assignment. This paper will examine the events in this episode, the response from health care workers, how public health care workers can enhance the preparedness of its citizens and what other types of agencies could have participated. Neighborhood news Nursing Neighborhood is a community with a population of 64,200 ...view middle of the document...

Zainah is a staff nurse on a medical-surgical unit and is busy admitting new patients as soon as others are discharged or transferred to other units. She is another member of the health care team to triage patients that can be discharged and others who can be transferred to accept the flux of patient's. She is doing her best to keep the flow of patient due to the increased need for beds related to the fire. The staff is stressed, and morale is low related to the pressure to discharge other patients to make beds available for those in the emergency department. The hospital should have recognized the need to institute the hospital’s emergency protocol, and the plan should have been set in action. The hospital did not call more staff to assist with the influx of patients. In addition, the State and Federal emergency management teams should have been contacted. A state of Emergency should have been called to assist the needs of the Neighborhood. The Bley Household One of the families in the neighborhood is the Bley's. Jimmy Bley and his wife Cecelia are lifelong partners, and both are in their 70s and have health issues. Cecelia has informed Jimmy that the dryer has broken again, and he needs to go to the store to purchase the parts to repair the machine. Cecelia wants the dryer fixed but Jimmy knows that he should wait until the smoke clears before he ventures outdoors. One of their daughters came over and took Cecelia to her home so she can finish the laundry. Jimmy has emphysema and hearing loss and smokes. He is aware of his health conditions and paces himself accordingly. He is still in denial regarding the increased difficulty with his breathing problems and does not want to quit smoking, although he does know that leaving the house with the poor air quality will cause him more distress, and he opts to stay inside. Cecelia is annoyed by this, but she does recognize that she must understand her husband's disease and become more compassionate to his changing needs. Cecelia suffers from osteoarthritis that she describes as an annoyance. Senior Center Karen has been a geriatric nurse for 30 years. She has been working at the Neighborhood Senior Center for five years. Karen can see the effects of the forest fire on the individuals at the Neighborhood Senior Center Nursing Clinic. She also is making decisions as to help to the crisis. She is another nurse whose role in this crisis and management is crucial. Many of the seniors have needed to use oxygen more often this week. Karen advises these individuals to stay indoors to avoid the respiratory irritants. Karen also received a call from Mr. Jackson, a worker at the senior center, who recently had pneumonia; Karen advises Mr. Jackson to stay indoors and not come to work, due to the air quality. Karen's role to the community is to access the community senior's needs, and due to the fire and air quality, Karen was able to relay information to Mr. Jackson and other who...

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