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Research Assignment 1

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Research Assignment 1

Windows Server 2008 comes in different versions to accommodate features useful to different types of users. It is similar to buying a car with different features. The more features or the better, the more money it will cost. Since Microsoft created multiple versions, they were able to maximize their profits by capturing both types of customers (Large business, and smaller ones).
The significance of each of the Windows Server 2008 version depends on what it being used for. Some versions are designed for small businesses, medium businesses, or for Itanium-based systems. The IA-64 version has been optimized for high-workload scenarios like database servers. Most ...view middle of the document...

Server Core can be configured for certain basic roles such as Domain controller/ Active Directory, ADLDS, DNS Server, DHCP Server, file server, print server, Windows Media Server, IIS 7 Web Server, and Hyper-V virtual server. One of the primary motivations for Server Core was to reduce attack surface of the operating system.
Hyper-V is another new feature in Windows Server 2008. Its code name (Viridian) means nearly the same as WSv (Windows Server Virtualization). The difference between these two is that Hyper-V is the name of the actual technology that you use to install with the Server Manager/Add Roles wizard. WSv, however, is an umbrella for everything that deals with 2008 virtualization. The concept of Virtualization is to emulate, or host, an entire computer environment or virtual machine within the operating system of another computer. Some older examples of virtual software are Virtual Server 200x, Virtual PC, and VMWare.
Windows PowerShell is a new task-based command-line shell. It also is a scripting language. Windows PowerShell is designed especially for system administration. It is built on the .NET Framework, and it helps IT professionals and power users control and automate the administration of Windows operating systems. It also helps control and automates the applications that run on Windows. Commands called cmdlets are built into Windows PowerShell so you can manage the computers from the command line. This allows you to access data stores, such as the registry and certificate store. This is as easy to do as accessing the file system. Because of the Windows PowerShell feature, an improvement in efficiency would come from the ease of IT professionals or system administrators to manage their network. It would...

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