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Research Essay Topics MEB (PG)
What are the benefits of instant Messaging on the workplace? Are these overall beneficial to the companies and individuals?
What is the most effective way to achieve sustainable computer technology?
Is web usability more important than aesthetics in creating effective web design?
Should cloud computing become the future framework for enterprise Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)?
What are the most important approaches that organisations should embrace for dealing with cyber-crime?

Education /TESOL /Linguistics
At what age should a person start to learn a second language?
Is motivation the moat important factor in the acquisition of ...view middle of the document...

What are the main factors that influence current management practices?
What are the major causes of conflict in the workplace and how can conflict resolution assist in combating these?
Are management styles in Western countries and Asian countries significantly different, and is there an argument for the implementation of a universal style?
What role should managers perform in resolving workplace conflict and what strategies can they employ?
Is experiential marketing better than traditional marketing?
Discuss the relevance of cross-cultural studies for today’s managers.
Marketing is often regarded as advertising. To what extent is this correct?

Law/ Business Law
What is meant by contractual capacity, and what are the capacity/limits of who can enter into a contract (e.g. minors, aliens, incapacitated)? Why is this the case and how can it be improved?
What is meant by negligent conduct in business, and what are the constituent elements? Analyse and evaluate the remedies (e.g. compensation).
Do the advantages of the jury system outweigh the disadvantages?
Should the online...

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