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Research Format Essay

1072 words - 5 pages







Introduction 1 Schematic Diagram
Statement of the Problem
Significance of the Study
Scope and Delimitation of the Study
Definition of Terms


Research Design

Research Setting

Respondents and Sampling Procedure

Data Gathering Instruments and Procedure

Scoring Guidelines

Statistical Instruments/Procedure



A Letter of Approval

B Informed Consent

C The Questionnaire
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1: Educational Research.

Dean, School of Education

(Date of Defense)

How to Write a Research Proposal
• Brief descriptive label that subsumes the theme of the study as a whole.
• It names the major variables that are the subject of investigation
• It answers the questions “what,” “who,” and “where.”
• Eye-catching and thought-provoking; brief but concise title is preferred (Trinidad, 1999)
• “A Study of,” “An Analysis of,” “An Evaluation of,” etc are to be avoided as the use of such phrases only serves to lengthen the title unnecessarily without adding much meaning to it.

Introduction (2-3 pages)
• Rationale/Reasons the research problem was selected
• What the problem situation is
• Discrepancy between “what is” and “what should be”
• Possible reasons for the discrepancy
• What is known about the problem
• Data gap and questions that remain unanswered – the gap becomes a “need”
-something lacking. The “what should be” is expressed in terms of one’s vision, goals and objectives
• Brief but provocative quotation
• Striking facts of statistics that objectively portray the existing problem situation
• Begin by presenting a very brief background or resume of events that truly depict the present state of the issue abroad, in the country, and in the locality
• Being with the researcher’s firm stand on the need to bridge the gap between bodies of knowledge and the prevailing problem situation
• Start with the researcher’s rationale concerning the need to replicate a complete study
• Theories

Schematic Diagram (1 page)
Statement of the Problem (1page)
- It is expressed in a declarative statement that is more or less consistent with the title of the study.
• Original or novel
• Relevant to society’s needs and to one’s field of specialization or interest
• Express a relationship between two or more variables

A null hypothesis is a statement of “no significant difference” or of “no significant relationship” between two or more variables.

Significance of the Study (2-3 pages)
- Discusses the benefits that may be derived from the results of the study and the persons who would benefit from them.
• Importance of the study to society, the country, the government, the community, the institution, the agency concerned, and the thesis writer himself.
• It also gives the justification for the study in terms of its contribution to theory and practice
• Lastly, it touches on the importance of the study to the researcher himself, what it does to his profession, and the difference it makes to his own professional...

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