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Research Methodology Essay

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| 2015 |
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[Research Methodology Assignment] |
This research specifies information needed, issues addressed, methods and a design of collecting information, how data collection has been managed and implemented, analyzed and lastly communicates the results and findings and their implications with Literature and evidence. |

Table of Contents
Background 2
Literature Review 2
Overview of the Marketing Research Procedure 2
Stages of Marketing Research Procedure 2
Stage 1: Purpose of Market Research 2
Stage 2: Research Objective 3
Stage 3: Estimation of value of research 4
Stage 4: Research Design 4
Exploratory research 4
Data Analysis 4
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” Going by this concept the author has staged the procedure as
Why there is need to take this research? (Purpose)
What needs to address in this research? (Objectives)
Is it beneficial to do this research? (Cost Vs. Benefit)
How to achieve research objectives? (Research design)
Where to search for literature/ solution for the objectives? (collection od Data)
When and how to conclude this research? (Evaluate, analyse, report findings)
Stages of Marketing Research Procedure
As mentioned in by Kumar, Aker and Day (), Marketing research have 7 stages.
Stage 1: Purpose of Market Research
This step is to understand and agree on the purpose of research (Kumar, Akar and Day). At this stage, usually research purpose is not well defined or understood. To understand and fully grasp the purpose of research requires efforts and deep focus (Malhotra, 2005). However, Business case studies (2014) state that purpose of researching market arises to collect data about opportunities, issues and then evaluating problem to make a decision and also to research users pertinent to the market.
Purpose of research usually defines the problem. Problem definition as mentioned by the McKenzie et al., (2009), is a base where all the points interact and gradually an arrangement is created. They also mentions that the process of research starts as soon as a problem is recognized and then the following questions are asked; below is the picture that illustrates the steps rendered by McKenzie et al. (2009).

Adapted from McKenzie et al, (2009)
Figure 1: Problem definition entails these questions Adapted from McKenzie et al, (2009)
Stage 2: Research Objective
Research objective have three main aspects that define research objective,
1. Research question,
2. Hypothesis and
3. Scope of research
These three aspects helps in making an accurate objective that will result in accurate findings. According to Kumar, Aker and Day research objective is a key to understand the problem more accurately and then they are designed in three forms to get understandable information about the problem.
According to Kurtz et al, (2009), research question helps in sequencing the purpose and hypothesis helps in getting a probable answer for the research question and scope of research renders support to hypothesis and allows researching procedure to be accurate and focused. According to Kotler et al., (2009) these three aspects also helps in maintain research design and also indicate limitations and boundaries of the research.
Stage 3: Estimation of value of research
As you are done with stage 1 and 2 it become too evident to estimate the cost of research. The research purpose, objectives, scope and question make it easier to estimate the value.
Stage 4: Research Design
After three initial stages and a budget to limit your sources once can lay out research design efficiently (Kotler et al, 2009), and this pans out the conceptual frame work of the research. That helps the research to develop and...

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