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Research Methods Essay

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Types of Research 1

How can we teach students about the dangers of social media?
Descriptive Research

Educational PsychologyJanuary 29, 2011

Types of Research 2

How can we teach students about the dangers of social media?
Descriptive Research Research can be explained as a process that gathers data to answer questions. Research is used in many applications to obtain knowledge and across many disciplines and industries. It can become the cornerstone for developing new concepts or products, treatments and cures, safety, policy and strategies, or even used simply to answer a question and provide information for decisions. Four types of research are: descriptive, correlational, ...view middle of the document...

Types of Research 3 Correlational Research Research that looks at the relationships between different data sets in an effort to “predict changes in one variable on the basis of changes in another without implying a cause-effect relationship between them” is known as correlational research (Eggen & Kauchak, 2010, p. 16). Relationships between variables can be positive or negative. A positive correlation between variables is illustrated through the relationship of income and education; “more education equates with higher earnings, and the payoff is most notable at the highest educational levels” (U.S. Census Bureau, 2002). The relationship between crime and education demonstrates a negative correlation as research indicates that “schooling significantly reduces criminal activity” (Lochner & Moretti, 2002, p. 26). Information on education can predict the positive effect on income in that it is expected income rises with education levels. In the same way, information on education can also predict the negative correlation of crime whereby criminal activity decreases as a person becomes more educated. Experimental Research Experimental research involves a procedure whereby cause and effect is determined through variable manipulation. This type of research is often based on or is an extension of correlational research. This method of research involves setting up a control group and a treatment group and assigns the group components or participants in a random way. It is important that the groups are comparable which is assured through a proper sample size and the assignment to the groups. The treatment group is where the variables are manipulated and the control group is where variables stay in a normal state. The control group is there to make sure that the results in the experimental

Types of Research 4 group are accurate and ultimately you want to see significant differences between the two groups. The goal of experimental research is to use groups and control groups to test a hypothesis. For example; if you wanted to test the effectiveness of vitamin C and zinc supplements on the common cold, the control group would not receive the supplements and the experimental group would receive them. The experiment would test the hypothesis that the supplements help minimize the duration of the common cold. Experimental research requires a concise research description that fully describes the research steps. A complete, clear description provides a method to evaluate and understand the research and also provides for a way to test repeatability and reproducibility. Repeatability and reproducibility is a standard test of research validity. Action Research Action research is “a form of applied research designed to answer a specific school-or classroom-related question” (Eggen & Kauchak, 2010, p. 19). Action research can encompass the other research methods of descriptive, correlational, experimental, or qualitative research. The benefit of this type of...

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