Research Of Improve The Data Quality

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Research of improve the data quality
Data Warehouse is a data collection which is subject-oriented, integrated, relativelyand relatively stable. and It can reflect the changes of history and support the management decision. It is an important segment to maintain the accuracy of the data warehouse. However, ETL is an important part to build data warehouse and occupy about 60 percent of the load. The improvement of the quality in the data warehouse helps to guarantee the reliability and also help the enterprise to summarize and use the data for a long period of time. There are many methods to improve the quality of data. However, in the view of the experience summary and ...view middle of the document...

Key words: ETL,, EMC ((ETL Manage Center),), Data WareHouse.

Table of Contents

1. . Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 research status
1.3 The main contents of this article and content organization
2. Data warehouse and ETL
2.1 Data Warehouse
2.2 ETL (Extract, Transform, loading)
2.2.1 ETL Profile
2.2.2 ETL process Features
2.2.3 Data Quality Assurance
2.2.4 Metadata: expand Nova application
3. . ETL application in EMC project
3.1 Background
3.2 Examples
3.3 Overall Flow
3.4 Interface Table
3.4 enterprise data migration (EDM) model layer
3.5 fact surface
3.6 Data Mart (DM) layer
3.7 Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) layer
3.8 Overall flow process&feedback process
4.. Application of data scheduling&validation in EMC
4.1 Requirements Analysis
4.1.1 description of demand design
4.1.2 describe of Functional requirements

4.1.3 describe of Non-functional requirements
4.2 Design of the System
4.2.1 overall system design features
4.2.2 Description of The overall system design features
4.2.3 Description of System Functional Design
4.3 Summary of design
4.3.1 Summary function design
4.3.2 Functional Description (by function module)
4.4 Background Scheduler Process
4.4.1 Overview of ETL Task Scheduler
4.4.2 Task / Task Group instantiated
4.4.3 Task instance scheduling
4.5 validation process
4.5.1 Function
4.5.2 Data Structure
4.5.3 Process
4.5.4 Important Functions

1 . . Introduction

1.1 Research background
With the advance of globalization and the rapid economic growth in China, most businesses intensified market competition. This enterprise management and business decision making timeliness, high science, accuracy requirements .Based only on data from the experience-based analysis to insight based on accurate facts, success rate can be guaranteed service quality, marketing and management, saving marketing costs, and ultimately to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. Data warehouse it is in this environment has emerged.
With the deepening reform of China's telecom industry monopoly has been broken, telecommunications, domestic communications market mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom, China railcom and other diversified competition, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Telecom operator's business philosophy is moving from "Product Center" transferred to "customer-centric". Client's individualized needs of diverse, hierarchical, and mass marketing has lost its advantage, based on customer information, customer value and behavior, in-depth data analysis insight marketing, accurate marketing concept gradually accepted by the telecommunications operators. Business activities of the initiative be delivered into the hands of customers and keep existing customers becomes critical to telecommunications companies. Over the past few years in the telecommunications industry billing systems, integrated payment systems,97 system...

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