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Research On Cooking Enthusiasts Us October 2013

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Cooking Enthusiasts - US - October 2013

While many Americans cook at home, they come to the table with different skill sets and motivations for doing so. Marketers should acknowledge that each Cooking Enthusiast has her own approach to meal preparation and give her opportunities to customize recipes and use resources that make cooking the easiest and most fun for her. table Of Content

scope And Themes what You Need To Know definition online Cooking Resources Data consumer Survey Data abbreviations terms

executive Summary factors Influencing Home Cooks growth In Farmers Markets Making It Easier To Find, Cook Healthy Food restaurant Menus Add Healthy Options, Giving More Incentive To ...view middle of the document...

com figure 9: Every Day Is A Food Holiday App, Example Food Holiday Recipe And Calendar, September 2013 betty Crocker figure 10: Betty Crocker Website Coupon Examples, September 2013

issues Impacting Cooking Enthusiasts key Points number Of Farmers Markets In The Us Has Grown Steadily
Cooking Enthusiasts - US - October 2013

figure 11: Number Of Farmers Markets In The Us, 1994-2013 diners May Not Have To Eat At Home To Eat Healthy figure 12: Number Of Select Health Claims On Restaurant Menus, Q1 2009-q2 2013 cooking At Home May Not Always Mean Cooking From Scratch figure 13: Number Of “meal Kit” Products Introduced Per Year, September 2008-august 2013

innovations And Innovators overview students Design Products To Make Cooking More Social, Automated kitchen Hub figure 14: Electrolux Design Lab Kitchen Hub Concept Images, September 2013 global Chef figure 15: Electrolux Design Lab Global Chef Concept Images, September 2013 new Kitchen Scale Weighs Food And Tells Users About Its Contents figure 16: The Orange Chef Company Prep Pad Smart Scale, September 2013

marketing Strategies And Initiatives overview cruise Lines Entice Cooks With Culinary-themed Cruises oceania’s Riviera Cruise celebrity Cruises marketers Show That Cooking Is For Kids the Kids’ Table figure 17: The Kids’ Table “the Wise Choice” Youtube Channel Ad, August 2013 rachael Vs. Guy: Kids Cook-off masterchef Junior figure 18: Masterchef Junior Promo Ad, September 2013 celebrities A Key To Boosting Enthusiasm For Cooking rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off figure 19: Rachael Vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off Season 2 Premiere Promo Commercial, January 2013 people Magazine Celeb Food App figure 20: People Magazine Celeb Food App Homepage, September 2013 michaels Stores Release Celebrity-inspired Cakeware figure 21: Cake Boss Decorating Turntable Usage Video, September 2013

cooking Frequency, Attitudes, Skill, And Motivations key Points men Cook Less Frequently Than Women, But Still Enjoy It figure 22: Cooking Frequency, Attitudes, Skill, And Motivation, By Gender, July-august 2013 youngest Adults Need The Most Help To Increase Cooking Skill
Cooking Enthusiasts - US - October 2013

figure 23: Cooking Frequency, Attitudes, Skill, And Motivation, By Age, July-august 2013 parents May Get The Most Enjoyment Out Of Cooking At Home figure 24: Cooking Frequency, Attitudes, Skill, And Motivation, By Presence Of Children In Household, July-august 2013 families Drawn To Low-cost Ways To Eat Healthy At Home figure 25: Average Number Of Times Low- And Middle-income Families Eat Healthy Dinners At Home In A Typical Week, By Gender Of Food Decision Maker, Household Size, And Number Of Children In The Household, December 2011

activities Of The Cooking Enthusiast key Points cooking Experimentation, Enjoyment Key To Being A Cooking Enthusiast figure 26: What Cooking Enthusiasts Do Personally, July-august 2013 restaurateurs Have Opportunity To...

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