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Research On Parapsychology And Its Impact On New Age

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Research on Parapsychology and its impact on New Age
Describe and evaluate a major scientific breakthrough of the past 10 years, discussing the challenges faced in developing it.
Many events, phenomenon and concepts such as existence of alien and soul, channeling and telepathy, which are unexplainable, are considered to be supernatural origin. For that origin, parapsychology, which is a scientific study of paranormal behaviors and experiences, may provide the answer for us. Apart from that, new age movement, which is important for our future and started from the 1960s, is a spiritual development and relative to paranormality. Furthermore, the main concepts of new age are ...view middle of the document...

Extrasensory Perception
One of the major areas of parapsychology is extrasensory perception, also known as “sixth sense”, which is the perception beyond our ordinary senses, such as telepathy and remote viewing.  Telepathy is a communication method from one mind to another without language or defined as one of the sixth sense (Myers, 1883). For example, two people are separated in a long distance, they can also sense each other’s’ thought without telephone.
In quantum physics, there was an Aspect experiment (The Koestler Parapsychology Unit, 2012) (BlackLight Power, 2005). Two light photons are emitted from an atom. They move with the speed of light in opposite direction and spin. If one of them goes through a filter that alters its spin, then another photon will change instantaneously. Similarly, a blood sample from a person delivers to a long distance from that person. The blood sample was reacted when that person suffered from an electric current (Tompkins, 1979). Therefore, atoms can communicate each other without the limitations from space and time. In fact, atoms exist in our consciousnesses, thus thoughts and emotions can be transferred.
There was a case study (Zangrilli, 2000), which involved two brothers, who were in a long distance and one of them lived close to their grandmother. One day, their grandmother passed away and the bother closet to her noted that it was 11:30pm. An anomaly is that the brother from faraway said he awoke last night at 11:30pm. In fact, there are many similar cases happened in the world. These cases show how telepathy works through in human subconsciousness.
On the other hand, it was discovered that plants had telepathy to engage in instantaneous communication between living things and plants (Backster, 1972). A plant, which was measured by a galvanic detector, hooked up when a leaf of a neighboring plant is burned. Moreover, when brine shrimp, paramecium or blood samples etc. died suddenly, it is also recorded a galvanic response from the plant instantly. Therefore, by these examples, telepathy is true and happening.
Out-of-body experience
From new age concept, we are not a human being with a soul. Soul in fact is temporary living in a physical body (Duchnycz, 2012). Out-of-body experience is a consciousness transformation from physical body (third dimension) to out-of-body (higher dimension) (Duchnycz, 2012). It is relative to sleep paralysis (Highfield, 2007). Normally, people tend to struggle during the sleep paralysis because their consciousnesses are awake and physical bodies sleep, then they feel afraid. However, if they try to relax, their consciousnesses will tune to another dimension and highly be awake, then their souls can leave their bodies without any physical limitation, even if they look like sleeping. The difference between sleeping and out-of-body are people are highly consciously during out-of-body experience and you can totally remember the experience after...

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