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Research Paper

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Saira Sandhu Professor Westrick English 1102 2 December, 2012 Research Paper The topic at hand is that of the use of symbolism, archetypes, and the mythical theme in order to convey messages to the audience. The poems “The Sandbox” by Edward Albee, “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns, and “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty all use the theme of archetypes and symbolism. Mythology in characters means that characters are usually of the supernatural type and their powers are beyond those of regular human beings. The mythical theme is used in “A Worn Path” when Welty uses the name Phoenix for an old lady who is supposedly reborn through her journey like the mythical creature, The Phoenix. “The ...view middle of the document...

“The Sandbox” was produced in 1959 and received an almost universally negative reception. Critics called the plot confusing and absurd. These poems use the archetypes of the great motherly figure, the lover, the aged, and the sickly, and there is also a strong use of symbolism, such as love symbolized through a rose, or a strong bond symbolized through family and old age, which still expresses a universal emotion that is perceived even through today’s audiences. Sometimes all three poems share an idea in common, while sometimes there may only be two of the three poems that share an idea. The archetype of “the great mother” is used in both “A Worn Path” and “The Sandbox”. In “A Worn Path” the old southern African-American woman, Phoenix, was the ever-loving guardian of a young boy who was very sick. Usually the roles are the opposite. The young one takes care of the older one. But life can come any which way, and this poem gives power to the protective mother. Phoenix is determined to travel to the city, being as old, slow, and exhausted as she is, to fetch medicine for the young boy who needs it. In the middle of her journey, Welty symbolizes love through the pain of old age by writing of how Phoenix takes a fall in the middle of her journey because she was old. She was also confronted by a dog that ignited a fear in her. She was worried what she would do since she is an old woman. Still, she pushed through to make it to the city because her comfort was not important. The archetype of “the great mother” was also used in “The Sandbox” when Mommy was worried and taking care of Grandma. In this story the age dynamic is flipped over because the young daughter is taking care of the old mother. Grandma is pushing her last days and Mommy knows it. She can tell that her days are numbered and this saddens her and the family. Still, the family stands by Grandma and provides her with a loving and caring environment for the little time she has left with the family. While Mommy is the archetype of “the great mother” or “the caretaker”,

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love is symbolized through the care that is given to Grandma to the family. Daddy symbolized support, because he stood by Mommy’s side and did whatever she asked. In a way Daddy also symbolizes obedience because he follows her orders and looks to her for direction. The archetype of “the aged” is also present in “The Sandbox” and “A Worn Path”. Phoenix in “A Worn Path” is the old woman who would definitely be a grandma, if not great grandma. She is old and weathered. She has aches and pains and does not have a lot of energy. She is a strong older lady, but she is still an old lady. Grandma in “The Sandbox” is also the archetype of the aged. She is old and withered. She has become delusional and her mind is losing its connection with reality. She is an old woman who is compared to the rest of her family members who happen to be much younger, healthy individuals. There is a clear difference in the aged and the ones...

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