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Research Paper Successful Leadership

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Successful Leadership: The Aspiration to Inspire Others
Heather Shaw
Liberty University

This paper addresses many of the behaviors needed to lead others effectively. Leadership is not achieved through an appointed position, but rather, through character traits that inspire others to follow. The variations of leadership power and styles identify key leadership qualities. The fundamental traits of transformational and servant leadership, focus on the empowerment of others. Ethical integrity is the foundation of leadership character, a critical factor of successful leadership abilities.

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Graham conveys the idea of the “4Ps of soul leadership” illustrating “soul leaders” possess a purpose, passion, possibilities and accept their place according to their purpose (2011).
Sadly, many do not comprehend the distinctions of leaders and managers, simply because of rigid competitive forces. Glen Thomas, a consultant for ACSA and other educational and philanthropic organizations, wrote an article for the Leader titled, Preparing for Successful Leadership explaining one of the first elements crucial to lead is to service others (2009). Thomas discusses several fundamental elements of leadership that many presume common sense; however, overlooked as insignificant. Several guides Thomas provides highlight particular attributes to include, the way a leader engages others, show appreciation by thanking others for their work, and set visionary goals to produce useful change (2009).
Influential Leadership
Leaders play an important role to influence and empower others in an effort to generate motivation. A paper written by G. R. Bud West, Expert, Coercive, Legitimate, Referent, and Reward Power Bases as Moderating Variables Upon the Relationships Between Service, Humility, and Shared Vision with Affective Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction Among Members of the U.S. Navy, discusses the power and influence a leader conveys to others is categorized into different forms that examine the various practices of influential leadership (2010). West (2010) suggests leaders demonstrating an expert and/or referent power are often more influential to empower and motivate others. David A. Waldman, Benjamin M. Gavin, & Fred O. Walumbwa conducted a study published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, titled, The development of motivation to lead and leader role identity, to look at the variations existing among leaders and managers (2013). Waldman et al., (2013) suggest a “motivation to lead” (MTL) approach addresses key elements that identify transformational leaders are more influential to others because of a desire to lead and empower others (2013).
Leaders’ empowering others creates a connection to influence the success and abilities in individuals. In a study conducted by W. Alan Randolph and Edward R. Kemery, Managerial use of power base in a model of managerial empowerment practices and employee psychological empowerment, published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, examine the role of leadership to empower others (2011). Randolph et al., study looks at the differing type of power and influence managers and leaders implement in an effort to encourage others (2011). The study reveals a distinct connection between leaders applying empowerment to others, engages the attitude and behavior of empowerment by those being led (Randolph et al., 2011). The potential in others’ exists because the influence of leaders engaging the strengths in others.
Leadership Styles

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