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Research Proposal: Consumer Buying Behaviors On Cars

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Business Research Methodology
Research Proposal: Analyze the Consumer
Car Buying Behaviors

Submitted To
Dr. Givental

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Tushar Tambe

Date: 11/29/11

Introduction 3
Research Questions and Objective 4
Literature review 5
Methodology and Data collection 6
Data Analysis and Expected results 7
Limitation of research 8
Budget 8
Conclusion 9
Bibliography 10

Uncertainty and change are among the dominant sentiments characterizing the automotive industry today. Vehicle sales in many markets have fluctuated up and down over the past
year, reflecting the ...view middle of the document...

Much attention has been placed on developing markets because they represent a key to current and future growth for the automotive industry. However, significant risk/reward challenges exist in these markets.On the reward side, sales potential is high. On the risk side are logistics, infrastructure and bureaucratic challenges, as well as cultural differences, complex tax structures, and political and regulatory obstacles.While automotive companies are focused on building their business in the developing markets, consumers point to a potential downside of the rapid growth.

Research Questions
* How the use of the Internet influencing the vehicle buying process and ownership lifecycle continues to expand into new areas.
* What are the alternative buying models adopted by the consumers
* Growing factor in consumers’ choice of vehicle and can be a key to vehicle sales.

The research objectives for the project undertaken can be defined as follows:
To determine the customers perception in buying a new car.
To find the different source customers prefer to buy or get information about the car.
Different parameters customer focus on before buying a car.

Literature review
The material gathered from websites and magazines like Auto zone indicated a new trend in consumer buying pattern and to study this behavior I took reference of a article published in website of Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, today announced the findings of its 13th annual global automotive study, Cars Online 11/12. This year’s report reveals increased interest in buying cars online, and a growing demand for new vehicles in mature markets (66 percent, up from 61 percent in 2010). At the same time, however, many consumers indicated they were postponing buying a car until the economy shows more signs of stability. New ownership trends such as car-sharing and technology developments like Smartphone apps are also impacting the global automotive industry as the number of channels for researching and buying cars increases, and customers’ expectations and choices continue to rise. The study surveyed over 8,000 consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, the UK and US and provides a detailed analysis of consumer vehicle buying behavior around the world including shopping patterns, social media usage, online buying, green vehicles, and customer interaction and after sales and servicing.
The role of the Internet during the vehicle buying process is becoming increasingly important, with fewer people visiting showrooms until very close to the point of purchase. Web usage for both purchasing and research has increased, with the number of consumers researching online reaching 94 percent. This is driven in part by increased use in developing markets.


The study is based on primary data collection with a sample size of 75 respondents residing in Oakland, Ca. The...

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