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Research Strategy Essay

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Research Strategy
In this paper, I have identified an obstacle in my path toward a business degree. I used the research skills that I have learned through class reading assignments and exercises to assist me in finding the most effective solution.
The Obstacle
When I was a student at the University of Hartford, I took an Introduction to Psychology course. My professor would spend class time telling us stories about his experiences during the years he practiced. The stories were interesting and lead to some good class discussion. However, the tests given in class were bases completely on the reading assignments. As a freshman in college, I was determined to stay on track. I was ...view middle of the document...

In addition to the EBSCOhost database, I also used the same Boolean search in the Google and Google Scholar search engines. The Google Scholar search brought me to the Muskingum College website where I was able to review the SQ3R strategy. According to Muskingum College (n.d.), " SQ3R stands for survey, question, read, recite, and review…It is a five-step procedure for making reading more active and improving student understanding of reading assignments” (SQ3R, para. 1). The Google search engine brought up a webpage that similarly discussed effective strategies for improving reading comprehension. The University of Connecticut (n.d.) website provided strategies to help teachers enhance their student’s reading comprehension and it also provided exercises for students to practice comprehension skills.
Evaluating the Findings
Before I began my search for a solution, I was aware that there would be many resources available that would claim to have the key to solving my problem with reading comprehension. Now the task changes from finding resources to evaluating their validity. “Educational and government sites are generally more likely to have been screened and selected by educated professionals than other sites” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007, p. 462). Working off this guideline from our course textbook, I chose only web pages ending in .edu from the extensive results provided by the Internet search engines. In the same way, when I ran my search using EBSCOhost, I chose the search option that limits results to only peer reviewed or scholarly journals. Taking these initial steps made evaluating the resources I chose a much simpler process and allowed me to be confident that the sources were credible.

Considering Solutions

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