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Research Your Career Essay

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Computer Forensics Investigator/Specialist

Entry Level Position & pay:
Forensic Specialists work in a variety of places such as police departments, government agencies, prosecutors’ offices, law firms, insurance companies, hospitals, and consulting firms.
Starting salaries in the field can also range as high as $100,000, but wages vary greatly by employer and specialty.
Some entry level positions are Evidence custodians who acquire digital media & Forensic Investigators or the Forensic Consultants who usually work with everyday investigations. Starting pay is around $45,000 on average a year and increases with experience.
Working with law enforcement as a computer forensic ...view middle of the document...

Either of these two degrees provides a good starting point, after which investigative techniques can be learned on the job. A few colleges and universities now offer bachelors or master’s degrees in computer forensics, and others are planning to begin offering such degrees. Most computer forensic investigators work is learned on the job.
Computer Forensic Investigators never stop training. They need to learn the latest methods of fraud detection and new software programs and operating systems by attending conferences and courses offered by software vendors and professional associations.
Skills and preparation: Precision, attention to detail, objectivity, problem-solving ability, and strong oral and written communication skills are important for forensic specialists.
Advancement Opportunities:
Some investigators receive certification from a professional organization to demonstrate competency in a field.

Forensic Managers: will oversee all operations, work closely with clients and are more hands on in forensic investigations. Most managers have at least 6 years of experience and get paid $77,000 on average a year.

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