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Running head: Researching a Daily

Researching a Daily Problem



Researching a Daily Problem

I have a problem that I’ve been trying to find a solution to for the past year and I think it is time for me to do some research and figure out how I can motivate myself to work out and exercise daily. Throughout this paper you will learn about my problem and why I feel that it is a problem. I will identify what types of information I will be gathering to help me solve my problem and where I will obtain it from. I will describe the process I use to evaluate the information I will be gathering, as well as what things I consider during the evaluation ...view middle of the document...

Finally, I will be looking into time saving exercise regiments. All of these resources will be found through using the Internet.

Research Evaluation

Research is not about finding anything you can about a specific topic, it is about ensuring you have the right information to obtain your goal. In order to be certain you have that information you will need to evaluate the data based on what you feel is most important. For the problem I have in motivating myself to exercise, each of the three sources will have an evaluation process.

Motivational Quotes

My evaluation process of the motivational quotes will consist of looking through the sources I find and using the ones that make me want to workout and encourage me to stay motivated. The validity of the material is not important considering I am more concerned with the words than I am of the person saying them.

Health Benefits of Exercising

My evaluation process of the health benefits that come with exercising will consist of checking my information for its validity. I want to ensure any information about my health and risks associated with taking one path over another are from reputable sources. I will be more apt to exercise regularly if I know what dangers can come from not staying active and what good comes from working out.

Time Saving Workouts

My evaluation process of the time saving exercises will consist of me checking my information for its validity and for a comparison on the time each source is giving me to complete a workout regiment. I want to ensure the information regarding the quick exercises come from a valid source so I am not wasting my time with workouts that have no health benefits.

Problem Resolution

Once I have the necessary information for a resolution to be met I will need to figure out how best to use the information and what considerations to take as possible solutions. Similar to the evaluation process, finding a resolution will be different for all three sources of motivation.

Motivational Quotes

After narrowing the list to a few motivational stand outs like “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness” (Edward Stanley Quotes, 2010) or “Physical activity is an excellent stress-buster and provides other health benefits as...

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