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Reservation Essay

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Reservation in India is the process of setting aside a certain percentage of seats (vacancies) in government institutions for members of backward and under-represented communities (defined primarily by caste and tribe). Reservation is a form of quota-based affirmative action. Reservation is governed by constitutional laws, statutory laws, and local rules and regulations.Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) are the primary beneficiaries of the reservation policies under the Constitution – with the object of ensuring a "level" playing field.
The reservation system has received a mixed response from Indians since its inception. It has been praised for ...view middle of the document...

Thus among backward classes there are not many well qualified, highly educated persons. According to a survey conducted inDelhi among upper castes nearly 25.3% are graduates. The proportion for the same among OBCs is 8.6% and among scheduled castes it is 2.7%. These inequalities are not because of lack of merit but because of inequalities in opportunities and resources. Since this inequality is based on the chaturvarnya system, the solution will be based on castes within this chaturvarnya system.But the proportion of poor/incidence of poverty is also high among the shudra and atishudras. Arguments against reservation are put forth by pointing at one or two occasional rich individuals in the caste. But the proportion of populations below poverty line among SCs is 31.64 %, among STs it is 44.2 % and among OBCs it is 21.8 % and among upper castes it is 12.78 %. This proves that socially and educationally backward communities are economically backward as well. There are hardly any capitalists and landlords among them.Also there will always be a greater chance of accuracy in caste certificates. As a lot of corruption goes on in the procurement of income certificates, there is every possibility of abuse in economic criteria based reservations |
In my opinion reservation on the basis of caste or religion is totally a false thing because their are too many peoples from the lower caste who are living a well luxury life and many peoples from the upper caste who are living in the very drastic condition below the poverty line.
Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar had given the reservation to lower caste peoples only for 15 years after the freedom so that they could come to the levels of other who are living a good life but our politicians increased it for their political benefit and filling their vote bank with the vote of the low caste peoples.
Reservation can improve the condition of the lower caste peoples but can't give them the respect which they want.
And I think that our generation doesn't believe on these rubbish things like caste.
I know that their are too many peoples who are still believes in these things but it doesn't mean that whole society is wrong.
As we saw many community who are in good conditions to get their livelihood and educate their children now began to demand for reservation like gujars in Rajashtan.
This type of reservation is making gap between the children also the upper caste children began to think the student having reservation will get sheets in government colleges and they will not after getting same marks.
I think if government want to give reservation it should be for those who can't afford food who are not able to sent their children to school.
Please give your suggestion about this is the reservation on the basis of caste or religion is right?
The topic 'caste-based reservation' was in discussion many a times in this section and our members too have opined their views in different ways. However, let me precise here. Actually...

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