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“Residential Segregation Shapes The Social Life Of Cities And People’s Sense Of Who They Are”  Explain How Different Types Of Evidence Used In Dd102 Support This Claim. 

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“Residential Segregation Shapes the Social Life of Cities and People’s Sense of Who They Are” 
Explain how different types of evidence used in DD102 support this claim. 
Residential segregation is the physical separation of two or more groups into different neighbourhoods, or a form of segregation that "sorts population groups into various neighbourhood contexts and shapes the living environment at the neighbourhood level”. (Wikipedia)  

Data – qualitative and quantitative, graphs, maps, academic writings, social surveys, interviews and census reports are some of the evidence within DD102 which will be examined, explained and used in order to support the claim. 

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  Adna Weber, ‘The Growth of Cities in the Nineteenth Century’ a statistical
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study published in 1899 attempted to collate the data and summarise it in a quantitative table fig 3.1. (Dixon and Hinchliffe, 2014, p.85/86a) However, quantitative evidence is statistical and needs to be interpreted and explained. There is no offer of an explanation as to why things happen with quantitative evidence, just what is happening. Without qualitative evidence there is no visible patterns and trends in the data collected. 

According to Weber’s table, 4/5ths of the population lived in villages and worked on the land and such like but by 1891 people were internally migrating from villages to cities. With this migration there were changes in not only where people lived but how they lived.  They changed their work to city factories and no longer worked at home also people had to live more closely in the cities than how they lived in villages. With urbanisation came industrialisation.  Due to this movement through migration, collecting data to count and classify people was difficult, especially where there were no established boundaries. Internal migration was happening throughout the UK with the rapid increasing trend of moving from country to city and case studies were adapted to focus on particular areas rather than overall UK.  (Dixon and Hinchliffe, 2014, p.86b/87a)

Nineteenth-century Manchester was one such area affected by sudden migratory change.  Historian, Briggs (1990), described Manchester in the 1830’s as being a ‘shock city’ of its time.  This was due to it rapidly changing in a matter of years rather than in a lifetime. (Dixon and Hinchliffe, 2014, p.87b)

Belfast, another city with segregation as a way of life, was a subject of case studies to establish the effects of residential segregation.  Maps have been produced, using qualitative and quantitative data gathered using the 2001 census, showing clearly how the city was divided and a ‘snapshot’ of residential segregation. The east having the lowest Catholic residence and the west having the highest. (Dixon and Hinchliffe, 2014, p.101) With these two types of data, not only can patterns and trends be identified, but meanings and reasons can be examined. Belfast’s segregation was based on the (threat of) violence and fear according to Doherty and Poole,1997 and

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so families retreated to areas that were historically safe. (Dixon and Hinchliffe, 2014, p.10)

In order to try and curb sectarian violence, “peace walls” were constructed.  The Catholics and the Protestant communities were under the government idea of ‘good fences make good neighbours’ with a 2008 survey suggesting that people did feel safer with this way of life. But, with this survey, the idea of...

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