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Resources For Successful Education Policies Essay

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Pakistan`s education crisis must be addressed by a drastic reform to renovate the system. However, any significant reform requires a thorough research of the problems, evaluation of existing programmes, and long-term sustainability of successful approaches. To ensure progressive revisions in education, a constant supervision of changes as well as a vast array of information must be made available to stakeholders and policymakers.
Thus, organisations such as Centres of Education Policy and Development can play a pivotal role by gathering and researching data and serving as a national resource to both public and private educational institutions as well as provincial and federal governments. ...view middle of the document...

In addition to financial support, effective educational reforms entail continuous research of and improvement in education policy and strategic plans. Thus, centres of educational research and policy are necessary tools to provide local and national policymakers with data that will assist them to choose the best approach for different issues.
The mission of education centres to promote high quality and accessible education can involve institutions, teachers, students and the public in meaningful ways in improving the current status of education. Graduate students and faculty from these centres can contribute to the mission by carrying out relevant research on issues that local schools, faculty, students and local government may have. They may make their results available to policymakers, and provide expert advice.
By working closely with educational institutions, faculty and policymakers in a community, the centres can provide a full perspective in their evaluation, expertise and services. The evaluation, planning and development provided by education centres can increase the capacity of the universities where they are located, by offering and awarding graduate degrees in related education research fields. At these centres, other degree or non-degree courses, workshops, symposia and training in the field of Education Policy Planning and Development may be offered to educators as well as the general public.
Research and information resource
The centres can provide information and information services supporting decision making, planning, and policy formation in a wide variety of areas. They may be able to offer a range of services that can strengthen the connections between different levels of educational institutions and facilitate student transition from one level to another. Closer assessment of each level can result in programmes tackling specific issues that can improve the academic success of students. The centres can collect information on various programmes of public agencies, private organisations, school districts and institutions of higher education and publish studies of successful programmes. This would include studying projects ranging from curriculum and test design, the development of feasibility models for tuition fees/enrollment, and the creation of funding models for accessible education.
The centres could also evaluate educational standards for faculty development and would make this information available to policymakers and education institutions as needed. Such extensive information may support not only specific departments or institutions and policy makers, but also help staff, students, parents and other researchers looking for information. They can profit from other report compilations, analysing regional and local data such as institution comparisons, enrollment figures, tuition and scholarships available, faculty salary and related studies. The centres must be equipped with the necessary capacity to respond to...

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